Against alzheimer: a doctor detoxifies the brain

Against alzheimer: a doctor detoxifies the brain

Dr. Dr. Gosbert weth is a specialist in internal medicine, clinical geriatrics and pain therapy in bad kissingen, germany. He has done research on brain perfusion both in biochemistry and at the uniklinik wurzburg, developing an early diagnostic procedure and a drug against alzheimer’s disease. Now he has published his research in the book "morbus alzheimer: a disease that loses its fright" published. In an interview, he presents his findings.

You have done intensive research on alzheimer’s disease. In your book, you say that the disease is one of the greatest challenges to health policy. Why?
Gosbert weth: the biggest social problem at the moment is alzheimer’s disease. The number of people with dementia is expected to double from 1.2 million today to more than two million in the next ten to 20 years.

Is this trend related to the demographic development, i.E. An aging population in germany??
Yes and no. The disease is on the rise. Among 80-year-olds today, an average of 40 percent are affected by dementia. In a study of 575 centenarians under professor franke in wurzburg in 1980, less than three percent of the centenarians had alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s and dementia were not as prevalent 30 years ago as we know them today.

So what is the health policy challenge??
Pro patient, the cost of care is about 27.000 euros a year, without medical costs. In 2007, 709,000 nursing home patients were cared for. It’s a billion dollar burden on our health care system. And the number of patients will continue to rise. So far, the medicine can only delay the disease, but not cause a regression. Alzheimer’s disease cannot be cured yet.

How does the clinical picture change in alzheimer’s disease?? What does the disease do to our brain??
Alzheimer’s is an energy deficit in the brain and in the human body in general. In our research we have found elevated levels of toxins (A-toxin) and the toxic amino acid homocysteine in alzheimer’s patients. The A-toxin attacks the mitochondria. These are the energy factories in our cells. If they are damaged, it leads to a reduced energy supply to the body and a drop in brain performance.
A big problem is the aggressiveness of the patients. Alzheimer’s patients see themselves as being in the right. They can become neglected and often revert to the state of a child. Often they have a feeling of helplessness. This is where the aggression comes from. Conflicts and disputes will arise. The victim is always the next in line, often the spouse.

Many alzheimer’s patients are cared for at home by relatives who suffer from the care burden. Your book is called "a disease that loses its terror". Can you encourage those affected??
We have developed a laboratory chemistry method that allows us to diagnose alzheimer’s ten years before its onset. We have also developed a preparation called. "Denkovital" leads to the disappearance of aggressiveness. This brings peace to the burdened families. So far it is available as a food supplement. We have applied for a patent and are waiting for it to be granted. Then we can have it approved as a drug to be covered by health insurance.

How the drug works? How high are the chances of a cure?
"Denkovital" ensures that the alzheimer’s toxin is reduced so that no more damage occurs in the brain cells. We can reduce the symptoms and return the patient to an old condition. For example, we had a 72-year-old patient who was completely inactive and has now even written two books again. We are receiving positive feedback from many members who feel burdened.

If the drug is not yet approved, is it fully developed?? Are any side effects known??
The development is complete. "Denkovital" is currently approved as a food supplement. All laboratory tests have been carried out to show that no side effects have been found. The composition consists only of natural body substances that reduce the damaging effect of the A-toxin.

Despite all the progress can "denkovital" alzheimer’s can’t be completely cured, but "only" cured the symptoms. So it’s better not to get sick at all. Can we prevent this?
"Denkovital" detoxifies however the gehrinzellen and takes thus the aggressiveness of the patient. A healthy lifestyle with a regular rhythm of life are naturally very important. You should consume a lot of fluid so that the kidneys detoxify the body properly. Moreover, one should not eat one-sidedly. Fruits and vegetables should be more on the menu and carbohydrates should be reduced.

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