Ard-deutschlandtrend: spd loses, greens gain ground

Ard-deutschlandtrend: spd loses, greens gain ground

Despite the current debate on tax fraud and fairness, the SPD remains in the doldrums. In the new ARD "deutschlandtrend," the social democrats drop one point to 26 percent – the party hopes to score points in the election campaign with its call for a tougher stance against tax cheats. The union remains the strongest force, with 40 percent of the vote unchanged from the previous week, according to infratest dimap.

The greens improve by one point to 15 percent. The FDP remains at four percent, while the left continues to gain seven percent. The euro critics of the "alternative fur deutschland" land at three percent. This would mean a rough coalition or black-green at the moment.

Chancellor angela merkel remains the most popular party politician according to the survey. But only 65 percent of germans are satisfied with their work (-3). SPD candidate for chancellor peer steinbruck continues to lag well behind merkel with 33 percent (+1). If germans could vote directly for the head of government, 59 percent would choose merkel (-1), 28 percent for steinbruck (+3). This gives the former federal finance minister something to work for.

From the point of view of the citizens, steinbruck is not the main reason why the SPD is doing poorly in the polls. 70 percent think that a very big or big problem for the SPD is that it "has not really made clear how it wants to solve the euro crisis. 70 percent also think that the announcement of a tax increase after the election is a problem for the SPD. 66 percent say "that the CDU has a very treasured chancellor in angela merkel".

The majority of germans believe that the plans of the SPD and the greens to raise taxes on higher incomes after the election will hurt the parties in the election campaign. However, 72 percent think it is right to increase taxes for people with higher incomes – the SPD and the greens want a top tax rate of 49 percent.

Following the publication of information on the investigation of bavaria munich president uli hoeneb on suspicion of tax evasion, 34 percent of those surveyed are in favor of abolishing the penalty-free voluntary disclosure of tax offenses in general in the future.

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