Celebration mood on upgraded ba 5 circular road

celebration mood on upgraded ba 5 circular road

These 1.8 kilometers of road between hallstadt and gundelsheim have a lot to offer. The efforts to renew the route have been long lasting. The construction of a bicycle path on both sides of the road was always linked to this. The project threatened to fail due to difficult land negotiations – with nearly 200 owners. Then district administrator johann kalb (CSU) achieved a breakthrough with the decoupling of the trench project and the bike path project. The result: on tuesday and far before the completion date (end of november) the official release of the expanded circular road, which was open to traffic since friday, took place. The costs amount to approximately 1.7 million euro, to expect for it a demand of approximately one million is.

Cyclists have access to a newly gravelled farm road, the surface of which is to be improved (made smoother). But this route is not the optimal or even the final solution for either thomas soder (CSU), the mayor of hallstadt, or the head of the community of gundelsheim. Finding such a dialogue is what district administrator johann kalb (CSU) told the burgermeisters to do. Then the circle will also give an input. At any rate, at the event – with a rough welcome from local politicians – there was lively congratulation and celebration.

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