District league match cancelled at short notice

District league match cancelled at short notice

According to neumeister, the reason for the unusually short notice of the official cancellation of the game is the start-up period. Bringing the match forward (regular matchday 3). October) to this thursday at 18.30 o’clock was decided before the season with the circle league meeting. Neumeister did not inform the SV wurgau and the SV hallstadt of the cancellation until late on wednesday evening by e-mail. The press was finally informed the next day by the host association.

Much darker than two days ago?

The cancellation of the game at very short notice was met with incomprehension last night, especially by the spectators who had come for nothing. Just two days ago, on tuesday evening, also at 18.30 o’clock in the same league still the ASV sassanfahrt and the SV ober-/unterharnsbach without floodlight and under regular circumstances against each other. The referee had without further ado started the game a few minutes earlier.

The match director has now rescheduled the meeting for the original date of 3 p.M. October (german unification day), 3 p.M.

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