Fraudulent mails in circulation: how to protect yourself

fraudulent mails in circulation: how to protect yourself

According to the press spokesman of the police prasidium unterfranken, these phenomena involved perpetrators posing as ceos and instructing employees to transfer large sums of money.

Lower franconian company almost fell for it

1.000.Last friday the company in the district of aschaffenburg almost lost 000 euros to fraudsters. The employees had probably used the internet to search the company's homepage for employee information and e-mail contacts. You may also have noticed that one of your employees had only recently joined the company.

Kulmbach district: mull wagon slips – worker trapped

the employee received a fake e-mail from the alleged manager instructing the transfer of almost one million euros to a chinese account. The employee then carried out the instruction. In the end, the house bank reacted just in time and asked for safety's sake. The fraud was discovered, but no damage was done. The criminal investigation department of aschaffenburg has taken over the further investigation of the case.

Police warn of the familiar phenomenon

With the so-called "CEO-fraud-the perpetrators usually pose as company executives after collecting information about the company. Then they arrange, z.B. Due to a company takeover or a business deal, an employee to transfer a large amount of money abroad. The contact is mostly made by e-mail, whereby the sender addresses are falsified. The perpetrators obtain information about the company from business reports, the commercial register, the homepage or advertising brochures.

How to protect yourself from the scam

1. Verification of the information
pay attention to what information about your company has been published.

2. Clarification of the employees
make your employees aware of the phenomenon of fraud; also of what information they should disclose to z.B. XING or similar networks of himself disclose.

3. Revision of the security concept
implement clear absenteeism rules and company-internal control mechanisms.

4. Compliance with the following recommendations
in the event of unusual payment terms, comply with the following steps before initiating payment:
check the e-mails for the sender's address and correct spelling; verify the request for payment by checking with the client; inform the management or the hospital of the payment request. Contact the supervisor; contact the local police station.

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