Further criticism of spd because of autopramie

further criticism of spd because of autopramie

After saying no to a general car-buying pram, daimler general works council head michael brecht takes a hard line with the SPD leadership.

Brecht told the deutsche presse-agentur that he himself and his colleagues from the automotive and supplier industry were "furious": "the SPD leadership has not understood."

"A wave of rationalization is rolling toward the german auto industry, with massive job cuts," brecht said. The industry had invested in growth, but now there was a threat of overcapacity that could not be bridged for three or four years. He doesn’t understand why the SPD leadership, of all people, didn’t understand this and vehemently opposed a purchase program for low-emission gasoline and diesel vehicles in the economic stimulus package. The party leadership had also not sought dialog with the works councils.

SPD leader norbert walter-borjans defends himself against accusations from IG metall and works councils. The car companies are demanding "that the taxpayer be used as a fallback for bonuses for bosses and dividends for shareholders," walter-borjans told the "augsburger allgemeine" newspaper. It cannot be that "one industry dictates to the state in which way the claim has to be made". The companies want to use the employees’ concerns for their own purposes.

When asked whether the SPD had lost its heart for the employees, walter-borjans said: "quite the opposite. We want the auto industry to focus even more strongly on securing jobs for the future. The companies have neglected a lot, for example in the development of climate-friendly electric cars."

The major german manufacturers and also the three "autolanders" baden-wurttemberg, bavaria and lower saxony had spoken out in favor of also subsidizing the purchase of cars with purely internal combustion engines in order to stimulate the economy. The SPD in particular was strongly opposed, but there were also critical voices from the CDU/CSU.

IG metall boss jorg hofmann had then criticized the SPD. "There’s a discrepancy here in that it’s not industrial policy responsibility but demoscopy that has determined the actions of the SPD leadership," he said. This would lead to a massive loss of confidence in social democracy among employees in the auto industry and related sectors.

MAN group works council head saki stimoniaris followed up on friday: "the SPD party leadership should question itself. Does it really still represent the interests of employees??"Said the head of the works council of the truck manufacturer, which is part of the VW group. With such an attitude, millions of jobs are at risk. "We are afraid for our jobs and our future," said stimoniaris.

95 percent of employees in the german auto industry work on vehicles with conventional drives, says daimler works council member brecht. There is only limited capacity for electric cars, and so far sales have not been particularly high. "All that has been ignored," said brecht. "If you think you can continue to finance short-time work, then that’s also a variant," he criticized. "But we do not want short-time work."

The slump in demand for gasoline and diesel cars is now to be boosted with the lower value-added tax. Higher premiums for electric cars also agreed in economic stimulus package.

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