How do you want to implement the energy transition??

How do you want to implement the energy transition??

The rules of our "everyone against everyone" series the federal elections are very simple: each candidate is allowed to ask one question to every other candidate. After the answer of the interviewee the questioner still has the possibility to react to it.
Today: stefan muller (CSU) asks helmut wenigen (grune) about the implementation of the energy transition.
Stefan muller: in 13 years, you want only emission-free new cars, exclusively electricity from renewable energy sources and "ecological modernization" the industrial society. Sounds good, but what does it mean in concrete terms, how do they plan to implement it and who is going to pay for it?

Helmut wening: everyone always pays! Even those who can do nothing about it. The ones who pay the least are the ones who got rich with their environmentally harmful products. Climate change is real and can only be slowed down through ecological production and environmentally conscious consumption. Not only does it sound good, it is also the only chance!

Stefan muller: unfortunately, that doesn't answer the question of how you intend to implement all this in concrete terms. The fact is that people in germany are dependent on reasonable energy costs and affordable individual mobility, especially in rural areas. I don't want these people to become the subject of an experiment with an uncertain outcome.

Editor's note: arguments and theses originate from the candidates and have not been editorially researched or edited in any way.

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