Inspired by kafka: ian mcewan writes brexit novel

Inspired by kafka: ian mcewan writes brexit novel

Inspired by franz kafka’s famous payment "the transformation," british success author ian mcewan (71) has written a book about the brexit chaos in great britain.

The novel "the cockroach" is due to be published on 27 june. Will be published in german on november, diogenes verlag (zurich) announced. The novel is about the transformation of a man named jim sams, who was ignored or hated in his earlier life, but is now suddenly the most powerful man in great britain. He sees it as his mission to put the will of the people into practice and is determined to let nothing and no one stop him.

Mcewan was quoted as saying, "when parliament is closed so that the government cannot be challenged at a critical moment, when ministers lie shamelessly as the soviet leaders once did, when brexiteers in high places virtually beg for the catastrophe of a no-deal – then a writer must ask himself what he can do. There is only one answer to this: write."Mcewan’s novel "machines like me" about artificial intelligence was published only this spring.

Kafka’s tale, first published in 1915, is about gregor samsa, who wakes up one morning to find himself "transformed into a monstrous vermin," is gradually excluded from his family and society, and finally perishes. "Ian mcewan bows to kafka to describe a world that is upside down," haase was told by diogenes verlag.

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