Leadership debate: rosler wants to fight

Leadership debate: rosler wants to fight

He accused his critics of trying to destroy the party before the state elections on 20 january. January in lower saxony. However, possible rivals of rosler continued to fuel the FDP personnel debate. Opinion and party researchers do not believe that the party under rosler will make it into the next bundestag.

Development minister dirk niebel brought a fight for the party chairmanship into play. He would consider it "a sign of inner-party democracy" if several candidates were to run for the office of chairman at the FDP national party conference in may, the FDP presidium member told the "tagesspiegel am sonntag" newspaper. He added: "we have lost the ability to campaign."Officially, niebel rejects ambitions for the party presidency, but internally, he is said to have such aspirations.

Rosler said with a view to the state elections in lower saxony on 20. January, which was also allowed to decide his fate: "we must now all concentrate on the election campaign in the FDP. This also applies to those who have been repeatedly stirring up inner-party debates for weeks and thus damaging the success of the FDP."

According to "spiegel," the head of the FDP in north rhine-westphalia, christian lindner, has made it clear in a confidential conversation with parliamentary group leader rainer bruderle that he does not want to succeed rosler if the latter resigns from office. Lindner had said that in the current situation it would not make sense to lead the federal party from north rhine-westphalia.

In the FDP, due to the continuing weakness of the polls, there are considerations that a tandem of bruderle as top candidate and lindner as party leader could lead the federal election campaign. Bruderle has always said that he does not want to be chairman. But it is expected that he will follow a request from the party leadership.

Free democrats below five percent in federal and state polls. According to "spiegel," FDP state chairmen and party executive committee members have said in confidential talks in recent days that the party must win at least seven percent in the lower saxony elections, otherwise a discussion about rosler cannot be stopped.

The director of the center for applied political research at the university of munich, werner weidenfeld, told the newspaper "bild am sonntag" that rosler was the wrong man because he had not managed to get the FDP out of its slump. Emnid chief klaus-peter schoppner recommended that the FDP take a tough economic stance. Infratest-dimap managing director reinhard schlinkert told the "leipziger volkszeitung" (monday) that with bruderle instead of rosler as top candidate, the FDP had a chance of gaining two to three percentage points in the federal election.

Ex-FDP leader guido westerwelle told the newspaper "sonntag aktuell": "i advise my party to devote itself to the political problems with perseverance and full force."He added: "union and FDP need each other to prevent red-green in hanover and in the federal government."The CDU has once again made it clear that there will be no special campaigns in favor of its partner during the election campaign.

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