Sewage problem stops company project

sewage problem stops company project

The building committee of the city of ebern met for its first meeting of the new term of office on wednesday evening. Two site inspections took place and several building applications were dealt with in the elementary school care building.

The construction standstill on kreisstrabe has 49 (juliusallee in eyrichshof) was addressed. The county road has been closed to through traffic for some time due to the relocation of the manfred lang company. Mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD) said that the development of the company was delayed because unforeseen problems had arisen.

Hans-joachim brandt from the engineering firm SRP zeil explained that, from the outside, this was actually a small tree inspection. "But this one has it in itself; we have found a mixed water and reservoir channel here. There are complicated sewage problems", he said. Care had to be taken to ensure that the company did not supply too much wastewater, which is why a retention basin was required. A specially constructed shaft must be built, for which the company will contribute financially," said the mayor. "This is also the reason for the construction standstill; the shaft must first be manufactured; otherwise, however, other required tree removals have already been completed", hans-joachim brandt summed it up.

He and mayor hennemann were of the opinion that construction could continue at the end of may. "This mabnahme must be solved in a reasonable and future-proof way", says the mayor. He and brandt were not yet able to make any statements about the increased construction costs, which were planned at 180,000 euros.

The new daycare center in albrecht-durer-strabe in ebern was also inspected. Here, expert advisor klaus gick from the architects’ office gick& partner to the jointing. Mayor jurgen hennemann stated that the construction progress was satisfactory.

Klaus gick explained the construction stages so far. This is how the screed was laid. The construction companies have stuck to their guns despite corona; the progress of the construction has not been affected. "Next week already, individual rooms can take shape", he continued. He is confident that the facilities can be started in mid-july. In his opinion, the house in auben will "take on color" in about four weeks.

The building committee was convinced that the new building would be coarse, bright and functional. According to hennemann, the excavations cannot be completed right away because the former vocational school has to be demolished first; there, flat areas are still needed for the excavations. When the day care center is completely finished, the city will have fulfilled the requirements one hundred percent, according to the mayor. Councilman philipp arnold already thought about a name for this new achievement: "kinder-hausla" would be a good french name, he said. For the naming, the sponsor, the rummelsberger diakonie, has recently announced a competition.

Several commercial and private building projects were discussed. A preliminary building application by the fertsch-angermuller company for the construction of a new warehouse in eyrichshof was approved. The construction plan of the company manfred lang was also approved (changes in the office as well as the construction of five prefabricated garages and a heavy-load roller rack). Jochen horn from hochstadten wanted to build a photovoltaic open space installation on his property in the kasernenstrabe. Municipal approval was also granted for this project. There was also approval for frank friedrich’s application for the new construction of a warehouse on the former upper parade ground. The company vodafone wanted to install a mobile radio system on the existing mast for the public service radio in vorbach, zoning haube. This was approved.

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