Surprise in the old people’s home

Surprise in the old people's home

Why not think of those who are not usually thought of on a day like this?? That’s what santa claus thought on french day, too, and so yesterday the staff of the BRK residential and nursing home on the staffelberg received a red-headed visit: from the nursing wards right down to the grobkuche (kitchen).
The eyes became rough, because the staff did not expect it. "Well, that’s something", it escaped at the reception heike kraub. At 10 o’clock in the morning, santa claus came to her to hand out unasked and unannounced presents to the employees and to inquire about the well or coarse and small christmas wishes.
A role played and filled by FT editor tobias kindermann. For this purpose, he bought a costume, packed his bag full of candy loluses. They also had a few questions, which the BRK staff were happy to answer.

"A beautiful profession"

Like for example from sister claudia semmelroch. When santa claus came into the room with her and her colleague elfriede dirauf, the two women were pleasantly flabbergasted for a moment. But what do nurses want, especially for christmas?? "Time with the family", it escapes claudia semmelroch. "It would be good if we had more nurses", she remarked on the general situation in germany. "Our profession had to be made much more attractive", the nurse recommends. But then she laughs and says, beaming all over her face, about her choice of profession: "it’s a wonderful job and I still love it."
Nikolaus tobias kindermann takes these words to the next higher floor and meets more sisters. Silvana shehu immediately gives him a warm hug, and her colleague lyuba gohlich mischievously imagines how her husband will react when she tells him about her experience with santa claus: "that’s what they call work with you guys?", he was probably joking.
Also here in the 2. On the second floor, santa claus leaves chocolate behind, then goes digging through the residents in the corridors and up another floor. New sisters, new surprised faces. "Have you ever been surprised by santa claus at work??", is asked an initially baffled sister sintia thiel. Your good-humored answer to this: "no, that could be imported."
Here, too, a brief chat develops before heading to the very bottom of the basement, where a cleaning service and, above all, the coarse kitchen are housed.
Astonishment also for cake manager axel jorig and his two serivce workers barbara dillinger and ramona orleth. "Rooster legs with carrot mash and mashed potatoes" is on the menu today. "Have the residents already had a chocolate santa claus on their plates??", jorig is asked and can answer the question in the affirmative.
One conclusion of the visit for santa claus is that it’s not that difficult to bring joy to people. Another is that here christmas does not mean additional stress.
And sister helene lehis sums up from the perspective of the visitors what all employees probably thought of this FT action: "great, could happen more often." But before santa claus left, he emptied his sack completely and loved all the chocolate santa claus with grub there.
For the employees who are on shift at a later time.

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