They love the hollows, the rocks, the good food and the reasonable prices

Among them karin and erno krug from worms. They stay in twenty years to the 30. Painting in ortspitz. "I am glad that you are so deeply rooted in ortspitz, the community of leutenbach, the region and the district of forchheim", said mayor otto siebenhaar and presented a jug with the coat of arms of the municipality of leutenbach. Georg hotzelein also thanked on behalf of the tourist association "rund ums walberla" the loyal guests with a certificate.

"Many bonds have grown, you have helped with the field work. On the other hand, we have often celebrated together here and also in worms, you are more or less part of the family", emphasized landlord eustach kern in a short wurdigung also in the name of his family in an emotional speech.

He also referred to a painting on the wall of the hall that is visible from afar, a work by karin krug. The people of palatinate make no secret of their enthusiasm for ortspitz and the host family. In the past, there were always the two children, who are now grown up. "If it didn’t work out with a booking here, we just went to the peterhof", tells karin. But in ortspitz they always wanted to stay.
And so they also experienced all the seasons, from the romantic wine christmas with and without snow to the gentle summer. What fascinates you here? The answers come very spontaneously. The friendliness of the french people, the warmth and openness of the host family. "We love the hollows, the rocks of the french switzerland, the good food and the carps at reasonable prices" says erno krug. "We have already rattled off everything and also know how to capsize on the wiesent", said the vacationer from worms laughing.
The krugs have already made the bookings at the kernhof for christmas and the next year. Linus, the guests’ black, lively five-month-old labrador, is probably looking forward to the expansive countryside, too. And especially the host family of the kernhof.

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