Valentine’s day: it doesn’t always have to be roses

valentine's day: it doesn't always have to be roses

Roses are no longer what they used to be. The gift selection on 14. February has become a big event over the years. It is no longer just flowers that are given as gifts, but also chocolates and vouchers for candlelight dinners.
But it all started with flowers. The legend surrounding the origin of valentine's day certainly says so. The priest valentine, from whom the day takes its name, is said to have married couples without permission under roman rule. He delighted the bride and groom with gifts of flowers.

Many also emulate the 21.Century still follow valentine's example and storm the flower shops on his day. Others point to a contradictory theory: the widespread belief that this day is just a consumer festival, created by the flower and chocolate industry.

Floristry becomes a luxury goods
Consumption festival or not, christine schatz still has 400 red roses ready for the day of love. "Mostly a single red rose is bought", the owner of the store "blumen am stadtpark" is a woman in forchheim. For this one rose hour in the afternoon of valentine's day already a queue manner in the store.
But in the past there were more mannerists. According to christine schatz, there is no need to be afraid that there will be no more red roses in the stores on valentine's day. As with all other events, floristry had become a luxury good.
Treasure hold on to the fact that flowers express best the attention of the friend or husband.

Hardly any hope for an increase in sales
Even though she has been in the flower business for 25 years, she is still personally happy about flowers, christine schatz says. And it had also "ensured", that her boyfriend always presents her with bunches or single flowers.
Schatz fears that for the flower store at the city park, sales on valentine's day will be even lower than in previous years: "during the vacation week, most couples and families have gone away." So they will buy their flowers, if at all, elsewhere.

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