30 Degrees and more: germany is sweating

30 degrees and more: germany is sweating

The thermometers of the german weather service (DWD) showed temperatures of well over 30 degrees celsius. 35.3 degrees were measured in waldshut in baden-wurttemberg. In weibenburg, bavaria, it was 35.2 degrees this afternoon, and in veilsdorf, thuringia, 33.3 degrees. In north rhine-westphalia, the dewd estimated daytime temperatures of around 50 degrees in the blazing sun.

For wednesday, the DWD predicted the hottest day of the year so far with up to 38 degrees in the shade – but cooling is already on the way. "It’s not going to be so hot for a while," said DWD meteorologist marcus beyer in offenbach on tuesday. Temperatures are expected to drop by an average of ten degrees on friday.

"How long this will last, we can’t say for sure at the moment," added beyer. But such temperature changes are part of the summer season. "It is rather unusual to have continuous heat for several days or weeks now." The summer is not lost, said the weather expert. Until september "we still have a lot of time".

The summer heat is also associated with travel, for example due to high ozone levels. The state office for the environment, measurements and nature conservation of baden-wurttemberg has already measured elevated values in baden-baden. Especially in the afternoon and evening people should not exert themselves unusually physically, then the highest ozone values appear.

Hesse’s ministry of social affairs advised caregivers to make sure elderly people drink enough. Those caring for relatives at home should also be particularly careful. In hesse, even the heat warning level was declared. Social minister stefan gruttner (CDU) advised: "stay in cool rooms, avoid physical activity, keep windows closed during the day and only open them for airing at night."The warning level is declared when a temperature of 32 degrees is expected over three days.

German railroads stopped several long-distance trains with failed air-conditioning systems. A total of six ICE and EC trains were cancelled, a railroad spokesman told the dpa news agency in berlin this evening. "But we can’t talk about major problems, because we use about 1400 trains every day in long-distance traffic."According to the railroad, the routes oberstdorf-hanover, stuttgart-hamburg, bratislava-binz and villach-hamburg, munich-berlin and graz-saarbrucken were affected. The passengers had to change to other trains. Due to the high temperatures, there could also be isolated failures of air conditioning systems in the coming days, said the railroad spokesman.

In zoos there was water ice for the animals. "At landau zoo, chimpanzees susi and gerti get frozen fruit juice on a stick," said zoo director jens-ove heckel. Water ice bombs from a ten-liter bucket are available for the brown bears at the saarland zoo in neunkirchen – with fish or fruit, as a keeper said. The ice-beasts in the wilhelma in stuttgart are quite cool in dealing with the tropical heat: "the ice-beasts even lie down in the sun," said wilhelma zoologist ulrike rademacher.

According to the DWD, showers and thunderstorms will move in from the west on thursday. Weather experts then expect storm gusts, heavy rain and hail in some places. "Thursday will probably be a thunderstorm day in some regions," said beyer. Only in the east will it remain friendly for the time being.

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