70 Years of connecting

70 years of connecting

Exchanging old memories – this was the motto of the reunion of the class of 1948 at the kliegl school in bad kissingen. Even though the small group could not visit their former school because of upcoming exams, almost everything revolved around this very school, which most of them had entered for the first time 70 years ago.

Memories were awakened

Memories were awakened of the former principal gabold, of the class teacher topfer, of the then still visible bunker in the boys’ schoolyard from which it was so nice to slide down in winter and from which one was always chased away by the janitor and the pedal. Speaking of the boys’ schoolyard: "things were still decent there" dear to one of the former schoolchildren’s knowledge and explained that the individual classes were strictly separated according to religious affiliation.
Of course there was also a division into boys and girls and yet the classes, just three years after the end of the war, were "huge" by today’s standards. 50 children and more in one class were not uncommon at the kliegl school back then. The "evangelical wing, "at that time, we evangels were accommodated in the left side wing" explains georg kreiner, now met for his "70.". The two initiators, peter maessen and georg kreiner, were able to find the current home addresses of 21 schoolmates. Maessen and kreiner are the only "real kissing" people, almost all the others were displaced by the turmoil of war and the aftermath of the war into the relatively intact world of the spa town.
It is regrettable that peter maessen was unable to attend the class meeting due to illness. Some of the former students, who now live in italy, canada, the USA or southern france, also stayed away. But a good dozen first-class members of the 1948 intake came from berlin, bad segeberg, worms, aachen, schweinfurt and even from denmark, where one of the "former" firefighters is now a member has found a new home.
"The hardship was severe at the time, but we didn’t really notice it because we grew up that way, because we didn’t know any different according to some of the people involved, they can still remember the school meals and the american care packages.
"The canned chocolate delivered in these aid packages tasted great, but most of the cakes enclosed and baked by american women were unpalatable – they were salted to preserve them for the long sea voyage…".

To the kreuzberg

The high point of the two-day classics meeting was a visit to the kreuzberg and, of course, a look at the remaining traditional guesthouses in the city, so that the old men’s talk was not quite so dry.

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