Arnt-uwe schille replaces monika faber

Arnt-uwe schille replaces monika faber

The reports of the outgoing chairwoman, monika faber, and the five department heads, as well as the election of the new board of directors, were the focus of the general meeting of the city partnership committee in the city palace.

The school exchange with cournon is currently experiencing problems, while the school partnership with the irish city of shannon could be intensified. It is absolutely necessary to strengthen the public relations work, especially the homepage has to be activated. The addition of young people has reduced the average age of the current 419 members to 57 years. Monika faber recalled that she had been a member of the twinning committee since 1992. After this long period, they now want to make room for younger people. Mayor andreas hugerich emphasized the importance of the city partnership. The corona pandemic had brought everything back to national borders. As soon as possible, the aim is to make these interrupted bridges to cournon, ariccia, prestwick, vandalia and perhaps also shannon passable again. The round of the individual divisions was started by roland dier for the prestwick division. The burns night planned for january 2021 has to be cancelled due to corona. The visit to the scottish friends planned for 2022 could hopefully be carried out. Stefan gerstner, chairman of the vandalia section, reported on the vandalia trip last year, while the return visit next year depends on the development of the corona pandemic. After a group from cournon had visited the basket market in 2019, the 4. Until 10. September 2021 under the motto "in the footsteps of the fortress builder vauban the return visit to auvergne planned, noted allmut schuhmann, who handed over her office to her daughter karen.

Gunter reinlein, chairman of the ariccia committee, said that the visit to the twin city, located south of rome in the albanian mountains, originally planned for this year, will now be made up for in 2021 at whitsun.

Monika faber honored melanie gerstner for her many years of work in the youth committee, allmut schuhmann for 15 years as chairman of the cournon department, karola rettmann for 20 years of work, especially in the vandalia department and honorary member peter stickler for 40 years of service on the board of the vandalia department.

Honorary president paul blomeier paid high praise to his successor monika faber in his laudatio. As recognition he appointed her honorary president. Thi

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