At least 51 dead in attacks in pakistan

At least 51 dead in attacks in pakistan

More than 50 people were killed on sunday in the worst series of attacks in pakistan since prime minister nawaz sharif took office almost a month ago. More than 120 people were injured in the attacks on members of the shiite minority and security forces in the provincial capitals of quetta and peshawar and in the tribal area of north waziristan, according to the authorities. At least five children were among the dead.

Violence overshadowed british prime minister david cameron’s visit to islamabad. At his first meeting with his new pakistani counterpart, he also discussed the fight against extremism in the sudasian nuclear state.

At least 29 people, including three children, were killed in a double attack on shiites in quetta in the southwest of the country. About 70 people were injured, the security forces reported. First, a suicide bomber dressed as a woman blew himself up at the entrance to a shiite mosque. A few minutes later, an explosive device was detonated in a shopping mall in the same shiite-inhabited area, he said.

At least 18 civilians, including two children, were killed and 46 others wounded in a car bomb attack in the northwestern pakistani city of peshawar, according to hospital reports. Four soldiers were killed and ten others wounded in a second attack just hours later in the north waziristan tribal area on the afghan border, according to the military.

Taliban regularly attack security forces in peshawar, surrounding khyber-pakhtunkhwa province and nearby tribal areas on the border with afghanistan. Pakistan’s shiite minority is also repeatedly targeted by sunni militant groups.

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