Bbc coburg ratselhaft sleepy

Bbc coburg ratselhaft sleepy

BBC coburg draws the short straw at the gieben 46ers rackellos with 95:84 (46:34) and concedes the ninth defeat in the tenth away game. Despite strong phases, the overall performance was not enough to win against seven strong-fighting middle hessians.
"Too little, too late that's what they say when a supposed recovery comes too late and turns out to be a flash in the pan. Both is true in view of the presentation of the BBC coburg at the new table third from hessen.

Without fichtner and eichelsdorfer

After an even start, the veststadters, who were missing matthias fichtner and kevin eichelsdorfer, quickly fell well behind against the gallant hosts, who had just seven playable players at their disposal.
The experienced former national player johannes lischka, with a total of 24 points the top scorer for the home side, scored seven points in a row to give the team a 19:11 lead after the first ten minutes.

Only 16 points in 15 minutes

Also in the second half, the guests looked sleepy at first and only rarely managed to put pressure on the 46ers' only team-member, bjarne kraushaar, although he picked up three personal fouls early in the game. In the attack was also little together, in the first 15 minutes, the up-and-comer brought only 16 points to create.
But when jordan burris scored a dunk after winning the ball, the penultimate team woke up: eividas molosciakas scored a layup plus a bonus free throw, steffen walde won the ball and anell alexis scored a tip-in to make it 46:34 by the break (20.).

Burris with a floater

When once again burris scored with a floater at 46:36, hope spread in the camp of the travelled upper franconia, but despite their thin personnel cover, the giebeners were always able to come up with a powerful answer.
Especially their "veterans lischka and marian schick (19 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists) pushed their opponents through the zone at will and presented themselves as much more composed than the guests, who also weakened themselves with unnecessary lapses such as a technical foul against center daniel stawowski.

Sanford wakes up far too late

Nevertheless, the BBC remained in the game for a long time. Seven points in a row by US guard byron sanford, who turned it on much too late, and four payers by yasin turan once again narrowed the gap to a manageable eleven points (72:61, 32.).
The rackelos, however, never became nervous and brought the deserved home victory, not least at the free throw line, which they were allowed to visit 32 times, while coburg was awarded only twelve free throws, despite gieben's physical style.

The statistics

BBC coburg: burris (22 points, 9 rebounds), sanford (22, 2 threes), turan (11, 5 assists), wolf (8, 1 three-pointer), alexis (5, 1), stawowski, walde, molosciakas (4 each), von der wippel, ozdil (2 each).
Best throwers in gieben: lischka (24, 1 triple), schick (19), vrkas (16).

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