Criticism of the care money does not abate

Criticism of the care money does not abate

Union and FDP faction leaders defend coalition summit decisions against attacks from many sides. "The opposition's criticism is unparalleled in its hypocrisy", said union faction leader volker kauder (CDU). For months, the opposition had demanded a reduction of the debt and an abolition of the practice fee. The coalition is now tackling this, while the SPD and the greens keep working out new multi-billion euro election promises. "We act, the others only polemicize", said kauder.

FDP faction leader rainer bruderle defends himself against criticism from the business community. "For some, the abolition of the practice fee may not be an issue, but for families with statutory health insurance, the sick and many elderly people, it is very much a "traceable relief", he said. Employer president dieter hundt had complained about the resolutions.

On monday night, the coalition government decided, among other things, to increase the practice fee as of august 1, 2013. January 2013. A reduction in health insurance premiums, on the other hand, is not coming. In return, the FDP gave its final approval to the CSU's care allowance project.

Grunen faction leader jurgen trittin accused the coalition of vote buying. "Black-yellow has agreed to "buy" electoral votes with the means of contribution payers and taxpayers, he said. "The herdpramy is being introduced just in time for the start of the bavarian state election campaign in the hope of improving the CSU's chances of winning the election."

Double role ruckwarts
The FDP politician cornelia pieper, minister of state in the foreign office, (FDP), wants to reject the care allowance in the bundestag despite the recent agreement. She has written a letter to faction leader bruderle explaining her reasons. "For me the care money is a double role back to the old times. This is a return to the old family model children, cake, church."

The association of cities and municipalities fears a high level of bureaucracy as a result of the introduction of childcare allowance on january 1, 2010. August 2013. Reason are reporting and control obligations, said its chief gerd landsberg. "The funds for the childcare allowance would have been better used if they had been used to secure the legal entitlement to a daycare center place."

Cheated out of the life benefit
Criticism of the coalition's pension plans also comes from within the coalition: saxony's minister president stanislaw tillich (CDU) demanded improvements with a view to the east of the country. Most low-income earners in the new federal states did not reach the 40 years of contributions required for a pension top-up – because of the interrupted employment biographies after the turnaround, he explained. "A large proportion of future pensioners in the new federal states will not benefit from the planned pension increase." Tillich called on the federal government to improve this in the still pending legislative process.

Left-wing party leader katja kipping spoke of a "missed opportunity" in this context. "The rage in the east is growing because 22 years after unification, people here are being cheated out of their livelihoods by law", she said. The left will make this an election issue.

The SPD criticized the additional 750 million euros decided by the coalition for the budget of transport minister peter ramsauer (CSU) as a drop in the bucket. "The money must not be allowed to seep into the bavarian forest", said the transport policy spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group, soren bartol. "We must finally invest in areas where commuters are stuck in traffic jams by car or cannot get to work by train." He pointed out that, on the other hand, the railroad alone loses half a billion euros a year to the finance minister through the dividend set by the federal government.

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