“Dr. Frankenstein” doctor scandal spreads far and wide

And the doctor was also active in north rhine-westphalia. In baden-wurttemberg, he is also said to have practiced at a hospital in bad friedrichshall, as reported by "heilbronner stimme" (wednesday). The hospital there, like the "gesundbrunnen" in heilbronn, is part of the SLK hospital network.

The district government in arnsberg, which had issued the man with a federally valid license, confirmed that the documents had been examined and found to be in order. According to the chairman of the german foundation for patient protection, eugen brysch, one reason for the use of the doctor was the shortage of doctors. That’s why carriers hired applicants fairly indiscriminately, he said. Brysch sees political responsibility. "The federal minister of education and also the lander must agree on how to counter the shortage of physicians in germany."

In the dutch media, the 67-year-old is known as "dr. Frankenstein" known. There he is accused of dozens of misdiagnoses such as alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and parkinson’s, as well as disloyalty. At least 13 patients are said to have undergone unnecessary brain surgery due to incorrect findings. A patient allegedly killed himself after a false diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease.

The doctor had worked at mittelweser kliniken in nienburg for several months in 2010, said managing director ronald gudath. The physician worked as a fee-for-service physician and was booked on a monthly basis as a substitute through a medical agency. As a resident, however, he said, he was never without supervision. No incidents of damage were reported in connection with the neurologist’s work. When the hospital was informed in july 2010 about alleged irregularities in the doctor’s former professional life, his employment was terminated.

From august 2010, the man had practiced for several months at the clinical center worms. The neurologist only worked under supervision and, as an assistant physician, did not make any independent decisions, said managing director friedrich haas. Therefore, any harm to patients is almost impossible. However, all relevant patient files were audited. The physician was hired as an honorary physician through an agency due to an acute shortage of personnel. A valid specialist’s degree and an approbation had been presented. The man had been fired in 2011, when the medical team was complete again.

In germany, the doctor had been caught in the area of responsibility of the district government of arnsberg. Among other things, he worked at a clinic in bad laasphe (district of siegen-wittgenstein). Spokesman christoph sobbeler explained on tuesday that university and leadership certificates as well as a clearance certificate from the dutch authorities had been submitted, and that there was nothing wrong with them. The district government supports the public prosecutor’s office, which has meanwhile initiated preliminary investigations against the man.

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