Draw:fifa defends itself against accusations of manipulation

draw:fifa defends itself against accusations of manipulation

There had previously been speculation in several media outlets around the world that argentina might have been favored in the draw for the 2014 world cup, rather than landing in the team’s favorable preliminary round group F by chance.

A video with the television broadcast on the internet platform "youtube" fed the rumors. It shows that fifa secretary general jerôme valcke opened the draw behind a desk. According to the FIFA spokeswoman, at least seven cameras were pointed at the FIFA secretary general from different angles at all times. "Two from the front, one each from the side on the right and left, one from backstage, and a camera directly above the head and draw desk," it hailed. "All these images were shown simultaneously in the outside broadcast van, and the show director decided at short notice which camera, when, how and where to show them."

The argentines had already booked their base camp in belo horizonte before the draw, the "bild" newspaper reported. They will now play there on 21. June their second game against iran. According to the "suddeutscher zeitung", the accommodation was initially not among the accredited FIFA accommodations.

The argentines around world footballer lionel messi were drawn against nigeria and bosnia-herzegovina as well as iran in costa do sauipe. Porto alegre, close to argentina, is the venue for the final group game against the west africans.

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