Fighting the plastic muller

Fighting the plastic muller

Bamberg- after successfully passing her high school diploma at the franz-ludwig-gymnasium in bamberg in 2017, lila behr traveled to indonesia. There she was confronted for the first time with the extreme pollution caused by plastic gauze. Bamberg woman so shocked by mulluber flooded beaches that she decided to get involved with the environment.

Into the fountainhead of the father

She has put this decision into practice. After the aforementioned drastic experience, lila behr started her first plastic projects on the indonesian islands of sumatra and lombok and is organizing an environmental event in bamberg for the first time on sunday.

With her commitment, the 19-year-old is following in the footsteps of her late father, a native of costa rica. He had founded the environmental organization "gaia protection" there founded. Lila behr now wants to revive this organization. Therefore, she is currently planning to found a non-governmental organization in costa rica as well as an environmental association in bamberg.

In her country of birth, costa rica, she has also started her third environmental project, which she would like to continue from bamberg. In collaboration with a technical school for the deaf and dumb, she has started to build plastic recycling machines. The building instructions will be taken from the website "precious plastic" used. The recycling machines will then be used in her community in costa rica.

A more conscious approach to the earth

With the bamberg event "project earth will lila behr now fulfill her inner duty. "I wanted to inspire my generation to care for the environment", says the 19-year-old. She didn’t want to point the finger: "I know how difficult it is to avoid plastic gauze." But it is important to her that young people in particular strive to be more aware of how they treat the earth.

Program points of the event

In the planning of the environmental event she is supported by her boyfriend and about 15 to 20 young people from her circle of friends. The artist adelbert heil, who uses the music pavilion in the grove as his studio, is also said to be taken with the idea of the young environmental activists. On sunday, starting at 2 p.M., there will be various presentations of about 20 minutes on the subject of the environment give. Lila behr will give a presentation on "plastic is not fantastic" among other things, give practical tips on how to avoid plastic in everyday life. She will present her plastic projects in sumatra, lombok and costa rica in the lecture "gaia protection" in front of. She will also talk about the recycling machines of "precious plastic" speak. Sebastian kailholz will be at "future for nature about his project in sumatra. There he liked a hostel made of "eco bricks" building. What an "eco brick" is is and which advantages this brings with itself, he will explain in his lecture. Fiona knieling becomes the "bambecher" returnable system introducing a plan to ban coffee-to-go cups from the cityscape. Thomas lohnert will be speaking on the topic of "aqua blue – everything to do with water as a resource". The talk by enrico wolter will be about climate change and how we can stop it. Livia hog holds the lecture "vegan ?!". Last but not least, the topic of biodiversity will be discussed at "seed punk" addressed.

Three interactive workshops

In addition to the presentations, there will also be booths where people can get information on the respective topics. Furthermore, three interactive workshops are planned. Besides a yoga-workshop you can get t-shirts, sweaters or bags printed. In order to illustrate the global mull problem, the word "our world" will be addressed in the upcycling art project using waste products are designed.

Food and drink will also be provided at the event: cake and tea will be served. The raffle goes to the "eco hostel" from its project in sumatra-project on sumatra.

At the end of the event, at about 18.15 o’clock, is a "thank circle planned. All those are invited who did not have time for the lectures before.

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