Frankfurt’s mayor to be determined by instich election

Frankfurt's mayor to be determined by instich election

Following the preliminary results of the first round, the elections will take place on 11. Marz to a runoff election between SPD incumbent peter feldmann and CDU candidate bernadette weyland.

Feldmann, who was elected mayor for the first time in 2012, was by far the strongest candidate on sunday. He received 46.0 percent of the vote, but fell short of an absolute majority of at least 50 percent. Weyland, as the second-place candidate, received 25.4 percent of the vote. A total of twelve candidates ran for office. Around half a million citizens were eligible to vote.

Contrary to initial assumptions, voter turnout was significantly lower. Initially, the city administration had assumed a 57.8 percent rating based on its own surveys. In the late evening, the figure was down to 37.6 percent. "That the difference between representative #voter turnout and actual voter turnout in the #upperelection2018 is so rough is unusual and impossible to explain at the moment. This must be analyzed," the city tweeted.

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