Free school ticket: children in rostock soon to ride bus and train for free

Free school ticket: children in rostock soon to ride bus and train for free

The city of rostock is one of the first cities in germany to introduce a free ticket that will allow schoolchildren to ride the bus and train for free. The school ticket should be available for children and young people from 2020 onwards. This was unanimously decided by the burgerschaft in rostock on wednesday, the ostsee-zeitung reports. The tickets should not be limited to the way to school, but should be usable for all other journeys as well.

More equal opportunities

"This is the first step towards completely free public transport", says eva-maria kroger (left) in an interview with the ostsee newspaper. The cost of school tickets is 3.3 million euros a year. A large investment, but one that is intended to promote equal opportunities and education.

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The greens are also enthusiastic about the decision and hope that more schools will switch to public transport. In turn, the number of parent cabs in front of schools will be reduced. In the fight against climate change, the greens have already called for the introduction of one-euro daily tickets for public buses and trains nationwide. Schoolchildren and apprentices should also be able to travel free of charge. Greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced in this way, which many scientists blame for global warming.

Social tickets are expanded

In addition to the free ticket for schoolchildren, the city council in rostock has also decided to extend the social tariff for public transport. This will enable hartv IV recipients to buy cheaper weekly or monthly tickets in addition to discounted one-way tickets. The new social ticket is to be available as early as february 2019.

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