Heavy duty, toxic steam

Heavy duty, toxic steam

"It was not a routine game", city fire chief michael weich summed up the situation on wednesday at around 11 a.M. The exertions of the past six hours are clearly visible on the face of the firefighter and his 25 colleagues from the kulmbach and melkendorf fire departments. Since five o’clock in the morning, an unusual operation at the mullumumladestation in the von-linde-strabe demanded them. There, a fire had broken out in a container loaded with around 20 tons of compressed bulky mull, which was waiting to be picked up on a railroad car, for reasons that are still unclear.
A worker who was on his way to his company by car in the industrial area had noticed the smoke developing in the refuse transfer station and sounded the alarm.
The firefighters from the kulmbach and melkendorf fire departments, who arrived shortly afterwards, discovered that the object of the fire was one of two containers on a wagon ready for pickup. "The container is loaded with compressed gauze, so you can’t get to the source of the fire", city fire chief michael weich described the problems of the firefighting operation.

The population was warned

Due to the toxic fumes – fortunately the container did not contain any hazardous special waste – the firefighters could only approach the burning container with their jet pipes wearing heavy breathing protection. However, the flames in the container do not love to extinguish only with cool water from auben. Only the smoke development could be diminished thereby somewhat. As chief inspector volker puttner of the police inspection kulmbach said, the population was warned by appropriate radio announcements.
Already at 7 o’clock it was clear that the container must be emptied to eradicate the fire nests. Therefore, a crane truck of the company klug was requested, with which the container was hoisted to the free space in front of the building of the mull reloading station. The salvage equipment of the technical relief organization was also used, with the help of which the barrier gauze was unloaded for the final extinguishing of the flames. The work of the THW then dragged on a bit, because a hydraulic hose of the gripper arm burst.
The wagon with the two bulky mull containers had been loaded at 8.30 o’clock should be picked up by a diesel locomotive, which had then dragged him to schwandorf. The police, who ruled out the possibility of foul play yesterday, estimated the damage at around 30,000 euros, as the managing director of the zweckverband mullverwertung schwandorf, thomas knoll, says. "Every member of the association has at least one vehicle burn out a year, so the damage can run into the hundreds of thousands.", according to knoll, who also names a possible cause of the fire:

Charcoal, sprays, batteries?

"There are always people who throw barbecue coal and spray cans into the mull or lithium-ion batteries that can explode." After all: in the kulmbach transfer station, this is the first fire since 1982.
A large part of the damage was caused by the work of the company klug, there was little to be seen on the container and the railroad wagon. In addition, according to waste consultant detlef zenk from the district office of kulmbach, the household waste that was generated that day had to be weighed and temporarily stored at the company veolia.
Also present were uwe angermann, chief executive of the city of kulmbach, and district administrator klaus peter sollner, who in his capacity as deputy chairman of the special-purpose association also praised the fire departments and the BRK for their "outstanding efforts" thanked.
Due to the work, the von linde road was completely closed for several hours, and road users had to take detours.

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