How to keep housing affordable?

How to keep housing affordable?

The rules of our series "everyone against everyone" for the federal election, it’s as simple as can be: each candidate is allowed to ask one question of every other candidate. After the interviewee’s answer, the questioner still has the opportunity to respond to it. Today alexander arnold (FDP) wants to know something from michael eckstein (grune).

Alexander arnold: ever stricter climate protection regulations are making the construction and renovation of housing (not only) for families almost unaffordable. What would you like to do to make housing affordable for families?

Michael eckstein: even if the investment in energy-efficient building or renovation may seem a bit higher at first, in the long and medium term these additional costs will be recouped through energy cost savings.
We also want to introduce comprehensive incentives for fair warmth: two billion euros a year for the renovation of entire neighborhoods, affordable even for low-income households, a tax bonus for owner-occupiers who modernize their buildings to make them more energy-efficient, support for ecological building and insulation materials, and renewable warmth systems.

Alexander arnold: the problem with most energy-efficient building regulations is that they are hardly economical and will never pay off for home builders and owners. Climate protection is an important issue that affects us all. However, it must be driven forward according to free-market and sensible criteria and not by governmental and unworldly compulsory purchases and prohibitions.

Editor’s note: arguments and theses originate from the respective candidate and have not been editorially researched or edited in any way. At his own request, CSU candidate and incumbent member of the bundestag hans michelbach is not taking part in the "everyone against everyone" competition.

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