Kab members demonstrate in front of the chancellor’s office

Kab members demonstrate in front of the chancellor's office

KAB district chairman gunter romig and his deputy friedrich jakob bang the drum proverbially on this friday evening. Several times they hit coarse pots with pot lids at the nordhalben parish center. "Fired up be accompanied by your KAB colleagues, who met there for the district association committee meeting under the topic "the alarm of the empty pots – food speculation kills life" met.

They are protesting against speculation in food commodities such as corn, soy and wheat on commodity exchanges, which are strongly suspected of contributing to poverty and hunger in the world.
"When people have to spend 80 percent of their income on food, rather than the ten to 20 percent spent in rich industrialized countries, increases in the price of cereals, bread and other staple foods pose an existential threat to them, according to KAB executive director ralph korschinsky, who has dealt very intensively with the – as he admits – complicated topic.

You do not play with food

Although banks and insurance companies deny any suspicion, there is growing evidence that investing in commodity and food markets causes hunger. "You can't play with food …" That's how we all learned it", says also diozesansekretarin maria gerstner. But in fact, on the stock exchanges of this world, food is played with every day, the prices are driven up by speculation, which no longer allows the poor to buy enough food. The issue concerns us all. On the one hand we donate to people who suffer from hunger. On the other hand, our lifestyle and the way we live contribute – at least indirectly – to the problems.

"We are customers of large supraregional insurance companies and banks that speculate with our money on food", says gerstner. According to gabriele zeub, everyone can do something about it. You could, for example, ask the banks and insurance companies whether they also speculate with foodstuffs or ask before buying under which conditions the foodstuffs are produced. In general, a much more conscious use of food is of great importance. She is sure: "it is certainly only small steps. But you can make a difference. As members of the KAB, it is our ethical duty to draw attention to this and to create a greater awareness of the value of food".

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