Opel takes a relaxed view of lawsuit against zafira relocation

Opel takes a relaxed view of lawsuit against zafira relocation

Although the statement of claim has not yet been received by the company, a spokesman for adam opel AG said. "Irrespective of this, we note that the opel supervisory board has made its decision in accordance with all applicable regulations."

Einenkel accuses the automaker of not having correctly informed the entire supervisory board about its plans. "There was no clean information about the decision to close the plant," einkel had told the "derwesten" portal. Opel has around 3000 employees in bochum.

The complaint was received by the district court in darmstadt at the end of july and will now be examined by the chamber for commercial matters, a spokeswoman confirmed on friday.

The opel employees in bochum were the only ones to reject the company’s collective bargaining agreement in the spring of this year. Among other things, this plan provided for cars to be built in bochum until the end of 2016. In addition, jobs were to be retained in the goods distribution center, for example, and a new component production facility was to be established at the site.

Observers consider the lawsuit pure actionism. Even if, contrary to expectations, the court were to find a formal error, the company would be able to resubmit the proposal to the supervisory board for a decision, it said.

In addition, opel supervisory board chairman steve girsky had already pointed out the consequences of rejecting the restructuring agreement to the workforce in an open letter in january. If no agreement can be reached on "substantial savings," zafira production in bochum will be discontinued as of 1 january 2009. January 2015 end. Production in bochum would then be discontinued completely, girsky wrote at the time.

The initiators are counting on the support of the other unions in the dispute. "As bochum employees, we expect that all other employee representatives on the supervisory board, including all works council chairmen of the german opel plants, the district leader of the union for metal, engineering and electronics in hesse, and the union for metal, engineering and electronics in germany, will support the bochum employees’ lawsuit," it says on the bochum works council’s website.

That this hope will come true seems doubtful. Because the union and the works council had supported the restructuring agreement. In labor circles, therefore, the bochum forward was given little chance on friday: "this is an act of naive helplessness."

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