Party note: on “tour de wps” staib passed through sulzfeld

party note: on 'tour de wps' staib passed through sulzfeld

The wahlergemeinschaft pro sulzfeld (WPS) had invited interested citizens of the community to discuss current and future issues of local development. According to a press release, architect friedrich staib led a tour through the historic old town area.

According to the message, the WPS was founded six years ago in order to renew local politics in sulzfeld. The goal was and will continue to be to shape the future of the community for all citizens together.

On his way through the town, wolfgang patzwahl, the WPS candidate for mayor, told how sulzfeld became his adopted home 24 years ago for him and his family. Together with friedrich staib, wolfgang patzwahl addressed the problems concerning the liveliness of the central area around the town hall.

Friedrich staib further described the difficulties for companies in the old town of sulzfeld to have contemporary economic conditions. The historical structure of the village is on the one hand beautiful to look at and wonderful to live in, but on the other hand it is difficult for the economic development of modern companies.

Before the final discussion at the "zum hirschen" inn, the topic of "growing old in sulzfeld" was raised. In this area, too, it is necessary to first discuss fundamental conceptual questions and possibilities on a broad basis and to develop a concept that is suitable for sulzfeld’s citizens.

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