Pride in the godfather company

"We are proud of our sponsor company, with which we have been deeply connected for 15 years. We are proud of them, dear soldiers, and we will continue to strive for good contacts", said mayor gunther werner on wednesday at the annual christmas party of the godfather company of the city of habfurt, the third company of the logistic battalion 467 from volkach, in the city hall of habfurt.

Important connection

In addition to 82 soldiers from the army, navy and air force and their company commander, major raymond kalus, the commander of the logistics battalion, lieutenant colonel franz dollein, as well as representatives of the city of habfurt, the city council, the habfurt reserve comradeship and other clubs and organizations attended the ceremony. The mayor emphasized how important the joint meetings and events with the godfather company are to him and to the town. This year's events included the new year's reception in volkach, the handing over of the command in sommerach, and the guest presentation. "We were proud as a sponsor city when in september the company handover with military roll call took place in front of our city hall", according to gunther werner. During the first official visit of the then captain raymond kalus and the sergeant-at-arms uwe bubeck, they were pleased to see that the "chemistry" was working well the voice and the sponsorship of both sides are very much appreciated. Some dates for the coming year have already been set.

Addressing the soldiers, he emphasized: "their profession is one of the most important in our country and serves the well-being and peace of all of us. I would like to express my sincere thanks to you as mayor of the city of habfurt, also on behalf of the city council and the entire population."

Major kalus, who has been in office as company commander for 87 days, liked to review the year 2018. His report showed the variety of tasks with which the battalion is entrusted and the training it has carried out. He reminded that eight soldiers could deepen the sponsorship with an internship at the lebenshilfe habberge. "The company is well positioned in terms of personnel. But it has a very tight schedule, which leaves hardly any room for its own projects and therefore actions like the habbergsprung are hardly possible", according to the major. This year, ten soldiers have also been in afghanistan, mali and kosovo and two soldiers have been at the trident juncture in norway. In 2019, many tasks await the battalion, which will also complete its rescue swimmer training in the open-air swimming pool in habfurt, offer a guest slide again, invite the habberge life assistance organization and hold the christmas party in habfurt.

Donation for the lebenshilfe

With uwe bubeck the officer handed over a donation of the company in the amount of 640 euro to the lebenshilfe habberge.

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