Sc stettfeld prevents worse

Sc stettfeld prevents worse

For the SC stettfeld this game day should be actually no more than a pflichtubung. But it turned out differently. FC knetzgau, second to last in A-class 5, showed no fear of the leaders and put them under a lot of pressure. The game was on the knife’s edge for a long time. Then christoph hummer still with a penalty his team, the SC stettfeld won with 4:2.

Coach marco wagner was fully satisfied before the game with the course of the season, they had left only two points. "We are a top team, the training performance is great, everyone is pulling together. I hope it will continue like this." However, he admitted that in the last game against SC lubberg they were not so focused and had to accept a draw.

Do not underestimate anyone

Similar was the view of game director herbert hummer. "I am very satisfied, it’s really fun. Actually we can only beat ourselves. But we have to stay on the ground and not underestimate one or the other team. The only goal for us is first place, but FC zeil, FC augsfeld and SC lubberg will certainly also play in the front."

Clearly you can hear in his words the functionary out, one who lives for the SC stettfeld and the team and always seems to be at the place. Some time ago, he was surprised by a stroke, which fortunately turned out to be mild. "I am somewhat limited in my performance and must also step a little short. Fortunately, harald helgert has stepped in to fill in for me. I hope that he stays on the ball and continues to offer us his support."

Harald helgert is no stranger to SC stettfeld. He himself used to play in the first team and was active as a player-coach and coach at FSV krum, SV neuschleichach and rattelsdorf. He had felt that the team was fully behind the coach and that there was good camaraderie. For the game against FC knetzgau, he was clear about one thing. "A win is of course obligatory. If you want to climb into the next class, you have to win against such opponents, even if you should not take teams from the lower end too lightly."

No walk for stettfeld

Already in the first minutes one felt that FC knetzgau had not come to stettfeld in the role of the points supplier. The game was played openly by both sides, there were chances on both sides. During a counterattack, christopher hummer could only be stopped by a foul in the penalty area, and the same player converted the penalty kick to make it 1:0 (10).). Surely the spectators believed that the goal round is opened, because the SC had already won against koppenwind with 10:0, against kirchlauter with 9:0 and against wonfurt with 5:1 and underlined his storm qualities.

Only five minutes later, however, the visitors equalized 1-1 through pascal haubner. The stettfelder bit themselves again and again in the defense, but routinier and newcomer johannes spath scored in the 28th minute. Minute but again the fuhrungsstreffer to 2:1. Also after the break it was no different. On the contrary: the FC got partly even above water and held against the leader with.

The game became a little more hectic, on both sides there were yellow cards. In the 66. Even guest player stefan bauer had to leave the field with a yellow-red card in the first minute. But the stettfelders didn’t take advantage of this, and even worse: they had to leave in the 70th minute. Minute by nfaba dango the 2:2 equalizer accept. However, even this result did not last long, almost in return scored johannes spath on a counterattack in the 70th minute. Minute again the leading goal for stettfeld.

However, the game continued to be on the brink of collapse until the 90th minute. In the second minute there was another penalty for the stettfelder, which christopher hummer converted to 4:2 and thus finally ensured the decision.

The spectators and also herbert hummer fell a stone from their hearts. In his first excitement he said "they just stopped playing football today". Why I also do not." Of course, one had chances and the partly also verschiebt. Even changes had been tried out. "Our victory was by no means well deserved, in the end the guests were closer to a point than we were to victory." This will have to be discussed with the coach and the team, the next game is against FC ziegelanger, and with FC zeil and the SG furnbach/dankenfeld special challenges await.

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