Silver medals for gross merits in local politics

Silver medals for gross merits in local politics

Bavaria’s secretary of state for the interior and local government, gerhard eck, recently presented 27 public figures from all over lower franconia with the following award in veitshochheim (lkr. Wurzburg) was awarded the medal in silver for special services to local self-government. According to a press release from the bavarian ministry of the interior, five of the honorees came from the district of kitzingen.

In his speech, the secretary of state noted that trust in local government at the municipal and county level had increased noticeably in recent months. The press release also states that social cohesion in bavaria remains high despite all the consequences of the corona pandemic. "All those I am honoring today have contributed significantly to this outstanding cohesion in our society over many years and decades", eck is quoted.

Eck: "special responsibility assumed"

He said the honorees had not shied away from taking on special responsibilities – whether as a district councilor, a mayor or a member of a municipal parliament: "the remarkable achievements of all those being honored today illustrate the diverse and successful work being done in bavarian municipalities. Especially in the corona crisis, they have once again impressively demonstrated this."

Especially in exceptional situations such as the corona pandemic, when trust has to be created, the municipal level is of particular importance. A recent study even shows that trust in local government at the municipal and district level has risen noticeably in recent months, eck explained in the press release.

Eck concluded by saying of the honorees: "you can be proud of what you have achieved in every respect. Today’s award is a visible expression of the recognition and respect they have earned."

Five honorees from the district of kitzingen

The following politicians from the district of kitzingen received the municipal medal of merit in silver:

  • Heinz dorsch was mayor of seinsheim for three decades. "With remarkable initiative and energy, he has decisively advanced and shaped the development of his hometown during his many years in office. Through his negotiating skills, he repeatedly succeeded in obtaining financial support and important demand funds, so that numerous projects could be realized", it says in the laudatio. The renovation of the church castles in tiefenstockheim, where a burgersaal and a museum were established, and in iffigheim, where a room for meetings of the village community was created, were mentioned. In 1993, under dorsch’s leadership, the kindergarten was renovated, rebuilt, and in 2014 an annex was added to accommodate a toddler group. Intercommunal cooperation was an important concern for him. For example, he played a key role in initiating the "wine paradise of franconia" consortium. The laudator praised the consolidation of municipal finances as a special achievement of dorsch. Dorsch has also been a member of the district council for 18 years.
  • Karl-dieter fuchs was first elected to the mainstockheim town council 42 years ago. He has been mayor for 30 years. He was very concerned about securing the drinking water supply and the timely expansion of the associated technical and structural facilities, according to the eulogy. It is important to him to identify and exploit existing potential for internal development. He took care of the designation of new building areas, the renovation of the elementary school in mainstockheim, the expansion of the offer of childcare places and the strengthening of tourism. "Due to his open and always cordial manner, mayor fuchs enjoys a high reputation", said the laudator. "He is responsive to the wishes and concerns of each individual and attaches great importance to finding a solution that is satisfactory for all sides." Fuchs has been a member of the district council since may 1996 and has been the /FBW parliamentary group chairman there for twelve years.
  • Josef mend was mayor of the town of iphofen for 30 years. "With his extensive knowledge, he has successfully steered the fortunes of his hometown and significantly influenced its positive development", the laudator praised him. He always kept an eye on the financial situation, the further development and the future orientation of iphofen. Mend’s heartfelt concern was the redevelopment of the old town. Other central fields of action for him were the economic demand, the strengthening of municipal finances and the expansion of tourism. He has always been committed to equal living conditions in all parts of the town. Investments were made in the further development of school, child and youth facilities and in the development of care for the elderly. In addition to the new construction of a sports and event hall, another major project of the town of iphofen was realized under mend with the biomass cogeneration plant, according to the laudatory speech. He has also been a member of the district council for 30 years, and has been chairman of the parliamentary group for over 20 years. Mend is also a strong advocate for the preservation and strengthening of local self-government at the bayerischer gemeindetag (bavarian association of municipalities).
  • Siegfried muller has been "extraordinarily active for the city of kitzingen for 30 years", it says in the laudation. 18 years as a member of the city council, then twelve years as mayor of burgessville. As a city councillor, he has been involved in many of the transitional measures and has been able to implement them as mayor. A central issue during his time in office was the decrease in the number of people living in the area in connection with the conversion after the withdrawal of the americans. The settlement of new companies brought numerous jobs. According to the laudator, muller pushed ahead with housing construction, the expansion of childcare facilities and the renovation of schools. Tourism gained further momentum during muller’s time in office. He has significantly supported the new construction of the carnival museum and the associated establishment of the german carnival academy. One of the outstanding events of his term of office was the small garden show in 2011, when the northern bypass was also opened after about 20 years of planning and construction. Muller has been a member of the district council since 2002. After retiring from the office of mayor, muller was re-elected to the city council in march.
  • Gerhard schenkel was elected mayor of sulzfeld in 1984, an office he held for 36 years. "In this extraordinarily long period of time, he has shown exemplary commitment to his community", it says in the laudation. He emphasizes the measures implemented within the framework of the city’s urban development plan to preserve the medieval french appearance of the town. Sulzfeld has thus developed into a lively village and a popular destination for excursions. Numerous new construction areas were also designated. Schenkel had rendered special services in the implementation of the land consolidation procedure and in the design of the mainland, and had initiated an integrated urban development concept. Childcare places have been expanded and an open all-day school has been set up, the laudation continues. He is still a member of the city council. He has been a member of the district council since 1990. For six years, the CSU parliamentary group chairman was.

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