The best “iflder” gshifts

The best 'iflder' gshifts

Sometimes bizarre things happen in uehlfeld. A trash can burns here, someone rides naked on a bicycle in the neighboring village of demantsfurth, or a nighttime returnee hits a wall and then calls the police. When unusual stories happen, the local boys from uehlfeld write them down for the whole year. At the parade on kerwasunday the best of them will get their own float.

Since the beginning of august, the boys and girls have been building the trailers that tell the various stories. But local boys’ capo dominik stoll admits: "in the first four weeks we only played cards." During the week they met every day for two hours – even in spite of distraction by card games the boys and girls got a move on sunday.

The boys love among other things a garbage can burning on a cart. A uehlfelder threw a party, to which he channeled a campfire. The next day, he cleaned up, dumping the ashes from the fire bowl into the bio garbage can. Not a good idea, as it should turn out a little later. The barrel started to burn. "I knew what the iflder had against the mulldonna, almost every year a mulldonna burns with us", jokes simon zwanzger, who recited the stories. Zwanzger is no longer a local boy, because he has been a member for ten years and is getting married soon, but he still doesn’t miss the opportunity to give the prologue at the parade.

In the neighboring municipality of demantsfurth, someone felt so hot last summer that he probably wanted to get a draught. Without further ado, he sat naked on his bicycle. One resident, however, did not find the action very funny and contacted the police. "The is then a kumma rechd fix, midd spab hadd des namli zu do ghabd nix", reported zwanzger, who immediately found a solution to the problem. "If you want to drive through the forest in a car, you have to wait until it’s dark, so that you can see yourself!"

But then you have to be careful where exactly you drive along. After a party, a resident rode home on his bike, but hit a wall – with his face. But the injured man had an idea: "then call the bolidsei oh and derzall denna a gschichd, vo die annern ossis binni gschlong worn ins gsichd." The police didn’t believe his story, however, and instead he had to take an alcohol test – which showed a blood alcohol level of 1.8 per mille.

The local boys and girls must not have had that much alcohol in their blood on saturday afternoon, after all, they lifted a 27-meter spruce into the air. From then on it was: guarding the tree! Until nine o’clock on sunday morning, a total of 28 boys and girls kept watch so that their kerwabaum would not be shuttered. This, however, had the potential for a kerwawagen again.

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