The way is clear for the new elevator in untersteinach

The way is clear for the new elevator in untersteinach

Rough station at untersteinach train station: after years of waiting, the elevator systems are now working. The elevators are an addition to the modern staircase system. They have been fitted into the hypermodern glass boxes and are a real relief for travelers with mobility impairments, for cyclists, for travelers with heavy packs and or passengers with strollers and also for wheelchair users.

Six million euros have been invested in the expansion of the untersteinach train station in recent years. Untersteinach station got a second track. Two trains can now stop at the station at the same time. This increases the capacity of the lichtenfels-kulmbach-bayreuth line. Track 1 was completely renewed in two construction phases, then track 2 and the staircase were added.

But equipping the new station with an elevator was not included in this immense sum. The reason: fewer than a thousand passengers a day use the untersteinach station – and the railroad is therefore not obliged to equip the station with an elevator system. But CSU member of parliament emmi zeulner has fought like a lowin for precisely this feature: relentless, stubborn, not taking no for an answer. The people in charge called it "annoying," says, the member of the bundestag was more in favor of "assertive" at the opening. And zeulner’s persistence has paid off. Although almost all of the stations that have been rebuilt wanted an elevator, only 13 in the whole of bavaria have been equipped with such an elevator system: untersteinach was one of the few selected. Across germany, 108 small train stations have benefited from the program. The expansion was demanded by the federal government’s future investment program. The state of freestate has also contributed its share to the equipment. This special program is especially for small stations, emphasized ministerial director helmut schutz of the bavarian state ministry of housing, construction and transport. But he also openly admitted: "there are hundreds of train stations that are still in the same condition as they were a hundred years ago."

Emmi zeulner now hopes that there will also be a perspective for marktschorgast and kulmbach. "Making the train station in kulmbach barrier-free is our declared goal", says zeulner, who got help from her state parliament colleague martin schoffel. "The train station in kulmbach is not appropriate for a university town."

By the way, equipping the untersteinach train station with elevators cost 870,000 euros.

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