“Together we can do anything”

The catholic women’s association (KFB), which became the catholic german women’s association (KDFB) in 1983, was founded in colonia in 1903. It was an "association of catholic women of all classes, professions and ages, in the spirit of the catholic women’s movement, for the service of the church and the people, in particular for the deepening of the catholic ideal of women in family, work and public life". Women’s education was the primary goal. The organization was led by women and accompanied by a spiritual advisory board with advisory function. Numerous foundations followed in germany, e.G.B. 1904 in bavaria, 1906 in gdansk, 1907 in breslau or 1909 in berlin. The women’s association has about 220000 members nationwide in over 2000 branch associations.

The local women’s association like z.B. In adelsdorf, the face of the association is in the parish. In addition to shaping the community, it is his task to realize the association’s goals in projects, seminars or trips, for example. To this end, the members of the branch elect an honorary board of directors or a board committee every four years.

The KDFB emerged from a mother’s association. As early as 1914, the archbishop’s office certified the founding of a "christian mother’s association" in adelsdorf with the for that time amazing number of 176 women. Archbishop jakobus of bamberg approved on 27. January 1914 this association.

The first mention of the catholic women’s federation is on the 3. March 1929 in the chronicle of the parish of adelsdorf. A meeting of the mother’s association took place in the daig’s inn, an inn on the main street between "three crowns" and castle, later it became the hotel "three crowns" bought out.

An old cash book has been preserved, which was kept from 1945 and shows a last entry in 1975. Between the years, however, there are rough gaps where nothing is written down. A note in this cash book states that the frauenbund had 141 members in 1950. This cash book also proves that a lot of good has been done on the part of the women’s association. Many donations to the kindergarten, for the church and the construction of the parish house, for purchases in the church – z.B. Altar boys and bells, flower arrangements and candles, but also help for the poor and the mission are recorded.

Since 1994, the women’s association in adelsdorf has been headed not only by a chairwoman, but by a whole committee – although it was obviously not easy to get this accepted at a higher level. The first spokeswoman of this committee was liane weib; since 2006, maria zahnleiter has been at the helm.

"A positive community"

Maria zahnleiter, who heads the executive committee of the women’s association in adelsdorf, remembers:

"my mother was already a member of the KDFB and when she died in 1984, I was asked to join for her – that was the custom at that time. I was only 30 years old, but thank god there were some women of my age present. Today it is more difficult to recruit young women. Gertrud kiebling soon convinced me to join the board of directors, and it happened. At that time there were not as many activities as today, but right from the beginning I experienced a positive community. 50 women always came together for the monthly meetings – today, 40 nice women still meet every month.

Now in the summer vacations we discuss in the executive committee, that are beside me petra bauer, brigitte dobeneck, marianne karbacher, helga kiebling, monika lux, renate michel, claudia nagengast and marianne weller. Each of us gives suggestions for the program for the coming year. Many dates also remain the same, for example the bike ride to the zeckerner keller, which has only just been carried out. And on 23. The KDFB pilgrimage to the holy cross chapel on the kreuzberg is scheduled for september. Everyone is already looking forward to the wine trip to neuses am berg on the 28th. October. We participate in the women’s world day of prayer, we come to bamberg on the day of our lady of our lady, we also organize various services and devotions.

At the 80th anniversary we had the motto "alone we can do a lot – together we can do everything"!’ we still stick to this motto today – and with success.

My time in the women’s association was fulfilled and I did not want to miss it. Pastor holger fiedler praised us at the 80th anniversary in the sermon with the words: the work of our women’s association is still a blessing for our community!’"

A pastor without a women’s association …

A proverb says: a pastor without a women’s association is truly a poor dog! Adelsdorf’s pastor thomas ringer agrees with this statement. "As a pastor and spiritual advisor, I have nothing to say to my wives. The women’s association has its own structure", the priest said with a smile. The women’s association is closely connected to the parish and has always been a great support to it. "The ladies are always there when you need them, especially for small things that need to be done – and a lot of it is done quietly." He particularly enjoys the delicious cakes and pies that the women often bake.

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