Us unemployment rate falls to 7.3 percent

uS unemployment rate falls to 7.3 percent

But at the same time, the number of americans still looking for work has fallen to its lowest level since 1978. Experts interpret this as increasing discouragement in large parts of the people. Reason is also the hard-naked long-term unemployment.

The bottom line is that 169,000 new non-agricultural jobs were created in august. This is 65,000 more than in the previous month, but significantly less than the average for the past twelve months. In addition, the previously reported job growth in july and june was corrected downward. Experts had expected better numbers. Rule of thumb is that 200,000 jobs per month must be created in the USA to keep pace with population growth.

The still ailing labor market could also mean that the U.S. Federal reserve will stick to its ultra-loose monetary policy for longer than previously expected. Fed chief ben bernanke had previously emphasized in public statements that the timing of a slow exit from quantitative easing would depend above all on developments in the labor market.

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