Without pointing fingers

Without pointing fingers

Andrei ivanovich is 92 years old and one of the last survivors of the buchenwald concentration camp. Until today he leads a happy life. Hannes farlock has made a film about him. The hochstadt-krasnogorsk circle of friends will show this film on sunday, 8. April, at 5 p.M. – and afterwards offers the opportunity to talk to the two protagonists.

Andrei iwanowitsch is 15 years old when he is deported to buchenwald by the national socialists. He survives. But the suffering did not stop for him even after his return to his female russian homeland. One by one, all his family members die, and he is left to fend for himself. Still he has not given up. He defies life to show him the good side of it.

Still at work at 92

Hannes farlock has documented this daily routine. For three years he accompanied iwanowitsch – who even at the age of 92 still works as a night watchman and manages his small dacha. He’s even taking up foreign languages to keep his mind sharp. Ivanovich thus becomes a symbol that even the most difficult crises can be overcome with self-confidence and confidence.

At the same time denounces "yes, andrei iwanovich" – that’s the title of the film – women’s russia’s treatment of the former forced laborers at. While the military veterans are revered as heroes, the survivors of concentration camps are treated with contempt and live in abject poverty.

The goal is self-reflection

The film, directed by hannes farlock and shot by dzianis sakalouski, does not lecture – and is therefore one of the first documentaries of a new generation. Rather, he wants to encourage self-reflection – and thus promote peace. Without assigning blame to a generation of germans who have no more contact with war and expulsion themselves.

Nevertheless, the documentary film is intended to stimulate discussion. That’s why it’s not offered for anonymous consumption in cinemas or on television. Instead, director farlock and 92-year-old leading actor iwanowitsch set off together – and after the screening they discuss the film in person with the audience. So also in hochstadt – at the invitation of the hochstadt-krasnogorsk circle of friends. There is the film on sunday, 8. April, 5 p.M., in the municipal assembly room of the fortuna culture factory. One day later, farlock and iwanowitsch visit the ritter-von spix middle school and the hochstadt high school.

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