A fir with straw stars as a kerosene tree

A fir with straw stars as a kerosene tree

A kerwasbaam of a special kind accompanied the church fair in fortschwind last weekend: a magnificent nordmann fir, adorned with straw stars and glittering tinsel, stood in the middle of the pond and created – well, not a christmas atmosphere, but a kerwas atmosphere. "In any case, one has a hard time with the peeling" julian, one of the younger kerwas boys, quipped.

The reason was of course different: the boys actually wanted to refrain from putting up a tree this year, after a tree thief from the neighboring village had injured himself last year while fleeing from the protectors of the spruce tree. But two days before kirchweihbeginn "a few beers were also involved", markus admits – but they decided: without a tree there is nothing. Of course, there was no spruce to be found in a hurry. However, professional connections of one of the boys made it possible to fir. So we improvised, and if we were going to do it, we also used the christmas decorations.

The protection provided by placing it in the pond – the original idea for the already unusual location of a church consecration tree – was not enough on its own. The fir tree was still standing undamaged on sunday.

The kirchweih visitors are not bothered by the unicum. Their undivided interest on sunday was the traditional fishing sting. As always, it was exciting up to the last moment whether the teams from the neighboring towns that had signed up to play would actually all come.

But almost on the dot, all were on the mat: schnaid, jungenhofen, greuth, bosenbechhofen, the youth fire department fortschwind-greuth, zentbechhofen, zettmannsdorf and of course fortschwind. On the self-made rafts – their construction had become necessary last year, after the boats used until then had become too dilapidated – the young men fought bravely not only with the balance, but also with the attempt to order the opponent into the water. Jungenhofen proved to be the overwhelming winner, followed by zettmannsdorf and zentbechhofen, last year's winner, who will now have to pass on the challenge cup for the following year. The youth fire department came in last, but did not take it too badly. "Our arms are just a bit shorter – but it still made spab" said frank after falling into the water.

"Fortschwinder" for the palate
Another special feature was offered by fortschwind, as it has been for many years: the "fortschwinder", a special hamburger with a specially created sauce. "Well" explains irmgard of the hard-working helpers in the marquee "we always had the problem on rock night of being able to offer the young people something to eat too. There are no tables and benches there. We needed something that you can just hold in your hand like that. So the "fortschwinder" was born and in great demand – not only on friday." They don't want to let their secrets out of their mouths – the specialty remains the specialty.

All in all the fortschwinder kerwa was again a successful event. From the rock evening to the onion pie baking on monday there was something for every guest.

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