Art in old monastery walls

When gallery owner thomas pfarr on sunday, 24. September, the vernissage of the sculptor kornelia thummel in the abbey building of maria bildhausen in the framework of the bildhauser monastery academy opens, then the guests can also experience three works, which previously apart from the artist and thomas pfarr no one has seen. Because they are so fresh that they are certainly still warm. Only on monday kornelia thummel took three ceramics out of the kiln. Just in time for her exhibition in maria bildhausen, the torsos in brown earth tones have been completed – crouched bodies that seem to blend into their material as well as into the environment in which they are exhibited.
Kornelia thummel deliberately uses different materials for her work. Each one has a different message, says the artist. The sculptor is able to emphasize the expressive language of her sculptures through her choice of materials.

Excursion into the animal kingdom
Kornelia tummel works mainly with figures. The human being in its abstract as well as real form occupies the sculptor's mind. According to her own statements, she also likes to take excursions into the animal kingdom. Visitors can also see this for themselves, for example with the bull that stands on a pedestal and is almost reminiscent of a mythical creature from greek mythology.
Munnerstadt gallery owner thomas pfarr met kornelia thummel at a symposium organized by his art colleague willi grimm, who has had a close relationship with pfarr and maria bildhausen for many years. "Her formal language has overwhelmed me", declares thomas pfarr. Kornelia thummel in turn visited the monastery in maria bildhausen in spring and came to the conclusion that it is a good place to present art. Pfarr is pleased that the exhibition offers a view beyond the church tower and connects maria bildhausen with the cultural city of dresden, which is rich in tradition. "Besides, it's exciting to have an exhibition by a woman again", means pfarr. After training as a wood sculptor, kornelia thummel studied at the university of art and design in halle, germany. She lives and works as a freelance artist in dresden.

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