Aurachtal schoolchildren become invisible

Aurachtal schoolchildren become invisible

Astonishment among the third and fourth graders at aurachtal elementary school: suddenly their entire class had disappeared. But behind all this was not magic, but an everyday traffic situation, as driving instructor david peupelmann and dagmar mayer from the ADAC nordbayern in munchaurach demonstrated in the parking lot at the sports grounds.
Time and again, we read about tragic accidents caused by trucks or buses turning right, because cyclists and pedestrians are overlooked in the so-called blind spot. "The collision between a truck or bus and a pedestrian or cyclist is one of the most dangerous situations in road traffic. Often the weakest road users are also affected, children on their way to school and in the recreational area. That’s why we come to the schools, declared dagmar mayer.
The risk of an accident is particularly high when a truck or bus is at a traffic light and wants to turn right. A cyclist between a truck and the sidewalk cannot be seen by the driver. Even a child riding his bike on the sidewalk easily gets caught in the blind spot.

Practical program

This is where ADAC nordbayern comes in with its traffic safety program "blind spot – angle of death" at. With a practice-oriented program, the children should learn to recognize this danger of road traffic and how accidents can be avoided through correct behavior.
Not all drivers are familiar with the problem of blind spots, and children are usually completely unaware of them. For her, however, it is important to understand, according to dagmar mayer, that the driver of a bus, truck or tractor-trailer cannot see every area around his vehicle, despite his mirrors.
Christian knobl from the vogel bus company in hochstadt came to munchaurach with a bus, trained the classes 1 and 2 in proper boarding and the third and fourth classes were introduced to the blind spot. For this purpose, all children were allowed to take a seat in the driver’s seat, and david peupelmann loved the children to stand on a predetermined flat line-up, as well as children to stand in front of and behind the bus.
"Do you see someone standing?", driving instructor peupelmann asked the children behind the steering wheel, but no matter how much the children bent and stretched, no one could be seen in the mirrors. The blind spot was impressively demonstrated by means of a laid out foil.
Schoolgirl sofia sits at the wheel of the bus and casts an unbelievable glance into the side mirrors. Why doesn’t she see her classmates?? They stand to the right of the vehicle, shout and wave, but do not appear in the mirror. Sofia now understands what the traffic expert explained to the children.
The saying "if I can’t see the driver in the mirror of the truck or bus, the driver can’t see me either" is at the center of the action. It is therefore very important for children: "visual contact creates partnership!" The children were given the following advice: it is better to give up the right of way if they are unsure and to stop in order to avoid a serious accident.

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