Bavarian party demands equal pay for men and women

Bavarian party demands equal pay for men and women

Thomas dotzler has been a member of the bavarian party for many years and fights side by side with the party for a better health policy, for equal rights for men and women, and for a better refugee policy.
The most recent vote estimates in the bamberg electoral district currently assume around 1.5 percent votes for the bavarian party (bp). What can’t stop bamberg BP candidate thomas dotzler (51) from campaigning relentlessly every day?. For the bbc’s chief secretary a. D. Is sure that the current political direction must change a lot. Especially in the areas of health care policy, domestic security, taxes and finances, marriage and family, and refugee policy.
"In healthcare, we want less bureaucracy for hospitals and insurers. We want to counteract the migration of specialists because they earn more abroad by recruiting more students, in order to ensure the need for specialists in the long term as well.", dotzler shows himself combative. It is urgently necessary that nurses in nursing homes receive better working conditions and adequate pay. "It cannot be that profit is made on the backs of those who stand up for the sick and the weak." Important to him but also more participation of people with disabilities in all areas of life. Inclusion must be more than just a word.
In tax and financial policy, dotzler and the bavarian party are pursuing the following positions: "we want a simplification of tax law with its more than 70,000 individual regulations", he demands. This includes, among other things, the abolition of de minimis taxes. The costs here are too high and the benefits only small, as the example of the sparkling wine tax of 1912 – to finance the imperial fleet at that time – shows. "The solidarity surcharge must also be abolished by 2019 at the latest. Bavaria could certainly use the money more urgently in some regions, such as dresden or leipzig", rages thomas dotzler.
Furthermore, all subsidies should be checked for their sense and sustainability. The bavarian party demands clear rules for banks and insurance companies. Speculators had to obey the laws. "We are very critical of the privatization of state property; we want a two-thirds majority of the state parliament for major sales. So-called bad banks, on the other hand, must bear their losses themselves and not pass them on to the taxpayer", demands dotzler.

Family as the heart

For dotzler, the family itself is the heart of society. Therefore, he clearly declares his support for the right of parents to take care of their children’s education themselves, without any interference from the state. "We reject the one-sided fixation on state care services. We demand a cost-covering child benefit and a basic education salary. Legislators should ensure that every child over the age of four is guaranteed a place in a kindergarten." In addition, it should not be the case that children’s food and clothing are taxed like luxury goods, which he rejects in view of the high financial burden on families.
"The social policy of the bavarian party is clearly based on the demand ‘equal pay for men and women’. In addition, we want to provide more individual counseling for men and women looking for work, in order to get them back into employment in their regional environment, says the railroad employee.
In the matter of refugees, dotzler wants to take a strong stand against smuggling and demand more solidarity from all EU countries with germany, france and sweden in the distribution of those seeking protection.
Independent of his election as a direct candidate, dotzler appeals to all citizens of bamberg to go to the polls. Because going to the polls is not a matter of course. In some countries people are allowed to vote, but the winner is already known before the election.

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