Blue globes and handicrafts

Blue globes and handicrafts

"The food tasted really good", jemy explains. The ten-year-old, together with his twin brother jeremy and other participants, spent an eventful week at the lichtenfels district youth council (KJR) camp in a meadow near altenbanz.

This year the camp was held under the motto "medieval" instead of. One of the highlights was a knight’s dinner, where the children could eat with their fingers. "Everybody was happy that they could eat as they liked for once. Without anyone saying, "take the fork in your left hand", tells flo, one of twelve supervisors. There were chicken drumsticks with clogs. Klobe pay to the bodily dishes in franconia, however, if they are already female. The food served at the knight’s dinner was colored green and blue with food coloring. "The kids loved it", says flo, who is actually florian.

The obligatory campfire had to be cancelled this year. The danger of forest fires was too great. But for that the supervisors had come up with something and created a kind of campfire out of strings of led lights. According to the motto "middle ages the visit of a castle was also on the program. Jemy and his twin brother jeremy, as well as eleven-year-old hanna, report enthusiastically on this and show their admission tickets.

Volunteering for spooling duty

The children enjoyed the vacation week anyway. They also had to fulfill their duties, as jemy reports. He had even volunteered for spool duty. Hanna had even volunteered three times to do more than her compulsory workload. For this extra service there was a special reward.

Jemy tours the small tent city. He shows the box with the games, goes into the tent with the washing facilities and finally stops at a washing line with many envelopes. Here you can find the "fanpost, the participants of the vacation camp were able to get in touch with each other. What is hidden in the sometimes bulging envelopes is nobody’s business, jemy reports. Was there anything that wasn’t quite so great, the question goes. "Yes, we had an ant infestation in the tent", the answer.

In the 1980s, there were 60 to 70 children who took part in the (KJR) camp. "At that time we had to use two buses", recalls administrator uschi sunkel, who came to the parents’ evening together with managing director nadine rohowsky. But that was a long time ago. Today the decline in the birth rate is also noticeable here. For the twelve supervisors the camp ends the next day with the dismantling of the tents. Gerda volk

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