Cistern for sports field too expensive

cistern for sports field too expensive

To redesign the area around the "rei ther oak" it was a matter of concern at the market town council meeting in oberthulba. Actually, the horticultural association reith and the local population wanted to tackle this mabnahme. Essentially, it should be about the relocation of the path by the oak tree. The local representative frank sieg said that this was to protect the roots of the tree. "In our mabnahmen much nature should be preserved in its present form."

Personal contribution required
It came as a surprise when the market town presented the plans of an engineering firm and the proud sum of 40,000 euro in costs was presented. It was agreed that initially only the laying of the path is made. The cost of the project was estimated to be around 10,000 euros. "We want to do some things ourselves", promised victory. "We should now think carefully about further steps", according to second mayor (chairman of the meeting) jurgen kolb.

Invitation to tender cancelled
Actually, the thulba sports field should be watered with the spool water from the drinking water supply. For this the installation of a cistern with appropriate technology would be necessary. However, the tender has resulted in a sum of over 80 000 euros, which can not be financed. Now the tender was cancelled by the council body. A new restricted tender will be issued at a later date.
Oberthulba market will also participate in a joint bidding process for electricity through the bavarian association of municipalities, according to a decision made by the committee at its last meeting. This was already a good idea in the previous tender, according to company manager nicole wehner. The european tender for normal electricity is carried out by the company KUBUS gmbh. For it the municipality must pay between 1615 to approximately 2500 euro. The exact costs will be determined according to the points of acceptance.
The "baumgarten" development plan experienced because of the tree acceptance metallbau soder its 5. Change. There were no significant comments from the authorities or the public, so that the decision to adopt the statutes could now be made.
The city of hammelburg wants to include the weinberghutten on city land in its land use plan. They should also serve tourist purposes. The market of oberthulba had no comments on this matter.
The new alliance manager "kissinger bogen" introduced herself at the meeting ganna kravchenko the market town councillors. She wants to implement the integrated development program in the allianz communities, which means concrete concepts and ideas should not disappear in the paper basket, but be worked out and realized. Many associations are active and there are numerous voluntary helpers, but they are still little informed, and that is now to change. She also wants to be present on site. That is why she will be in oberthulba every second thursday of the month for half a day.

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