Election initiative presents its ideas for adelsdorf

Election initiative presents its ideas for adelsdorf

The group "adelsdorfer burgers" calls itself an electoral initiative for a better politics, whose chairman ralf olmesdahl explained the goals of the registered association at the members’ meeting on thursday evening. "We are for transparent politics and honest city hall work, demand a responsibility towards the citizens as well as a sustainable development of the economic and educational location adelsdorf and want to consolidate the foundation of a positive development of adelsdorf once again."
The initiative’s ideas for the future use of the former sisters’ house in aischer schwesternhaus took up a great deal of space. "This has already been one of our topics since november 2016.", according to olmesdahl. He mentioned the correspondence between him and pastor thomas ringer. The clergyman had asked the election initiative to wait and see what would come out of the examination of all the facts concerning the former sisters’ house.
A rough goal of the adelsdorfer burghers is to turn this building into a "sister pankratia foundation" to make – that is the working name. Olmesdahl reminded the audience of sister pancratia (regina neuner, honorary citizen and holder of the federal cross of merit) and the sisters’ house association (dissolved on 31 december 2016). October 2002). He also mentioned a statement by erwin kotzer that the people of adelsdorf want to have a say in what happens to the building.

Criticism goes in the direction of city hall

The wahlerinitiative imagines that here a day care for seniors, a support point for medical care, a multi-purpose room and club rooms, an age-appropriate living space, a burgers meeting place with cafe, possibly a lunch table, as well as a service office of the municipality or a club office would make sense. Much needs to be done here.
But olmesdahl also brought up some current issues. He advocates the reintroduction of regular street cleaning and spoke of hidden fee increases.
He also addressed the development of water charges: at the time of the calculation, not one water meter had been read in the municipal area. Considerations of where costs could be reduced internally had not even been thought of.
To the earth deposits in the "grabenacker" industrial area, the subsequent building application submitted by the municipality, the discontinuation of the supply by the private investor of "seeside and the purchase of the necessary filling material the chairman reminded the listeners. "Had not everything been regulated in advance according to the legal guidelines?", he asked in the round. In this context, he referred to a report in the BR-abendschau of 29 september. November "when urban planning goes off course".
He also referred to positive examples of development plans such as those for wiesendorf and neuhaus. This is in contrast to "seeside" a normal development with ground surfaces.
In the following discussion, especially about the ideas for the nurses’ home in aisch, local councillor norbert birkner () spoke up: "we really have to do something for our seniors in adelsdorf and in aisch the space is there", he reminded. "This is even our duty", he still added.
Georg habermann enthused that with the "schwester pankratia stift" (sister pancratia foundation) that it would be possible to start a meaningful use of the building.

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