Guarantor of the loving traffic

guarantor of the loving traffic

It will not be easy for erhard schumacher to say goodbye to his working life at the oberthulba freeway maintenance depot. The 28 years he spent as a tram master and head of the oberthulba service station were a lot of fun for him. "That was also the reason why I extended my working period for another year, but now it`s time", so schumacher. When he finishes his service, he will also leave oberthulba with his wife sylvia and enjoy his retirement in iphofen with one of his sons as grandpa.

"In my years at the oberthulba station, I have experienced many things that will remain in my memory, especially when I think back to the mass accident on january 1, 2009. January 2000 on the rhon freeway think." 136 vehicles crashed into each other in heavy fog. "But also with the numerous other accidents or the many construction sites my improvisation talent was challenged again and again. The construction of the new sinntal bridge and the demolition of the old bridge will remain a highlight for me." Helping road users and using short service routes while applying common sense have always been important, schumacher emphasizes.

A very demanding task was the winter road maintenance, which had to be carried out under the most difficult conditions. "I also gained a lot of experience from my work as head of the foreman's workshop in hirschaid from 1991 to 1994." There the whole business had to be built on the green meadow.

From westphalia to franconia
Schumacher attended secondary school in siegen in westphalia and completed a two-year guided internship in trench and civil engineering. He used his time in the army to complete his apprenticeship as a concrete builder and state-certified construction technician. In the fall of 1983, he joined the state building administration in regensburg and studied to become a foreman, after which he passed an entrance examination. In september 1985, schumacher took over responsibility at the oberthulba highway maintenance depot as deputy manager and, after three years in charge in hirschaid, the chief post in oberthulba. "Today I am pleased to say that the company in oberthulba has been successfully continued by the board and the institution. Working in a collegial manner with my colleagues has always been very important to me." With the police, especially when it was still highway patrol in oberthulba, as well as with the rescue forces, a good trustful cooperation was maintained. In february of this year, schumacher was therefore awarded the fire department's medal of honor. He also always got along very well with the burgermeisters, first gerhard adam, now gotthard schlereth.

Liaison with the litigants
The german armed forces was not just a hobby for the passionate marksman, but a passion: "after my active time in hoxter an der weser as well as in munich and luneburg, i loved to reactivate as a reservist in 1994. As a wallmeister, i was repeatedly called up for military service. For my commitment, I was even awarded the gold cross of honor of the german armed forces in 2005 and a year later the gold badge of activity." This military involvement with the german army and the u.S. Armed forces was closely intertwined with his work at autobahn. Even training inspections took place together at the autobahnmeisterei. As a member of the reservists in oberthulba, schumacher still enjoys taking part in the shooting competitions with coarse-caliber weapons.
The railroad rides along
Even though retirement will be a major change, i am still looking forward to it and am not afraid of a possible void in the daily routine." He wants to take his beloved model railroad to iphofen and rebuild it there on a smaller scale. "I also intend to offer my labor to the museum of military and contemporary history in stammheim", schumacher looks forward to retirement.

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