Higher costs for the ransbach

Higher costs for the ransbach

The renaturation of the ransbach has been a topic of discussion in the municipal council since 2015. On 23. In february 2017, the municipal council had decided to award the contract for planning the renovation of the creek to the planning office dietz und partner from elfershausen.

In the meantime a limited tender has taken place. The planning office examined the offers received and prepared a price list. The offer of the most favorable company contained an inadmissible mixed calculation concerning the building site equipment. For this purpose, the office consulted the VOB office at the government of lower franconia. A discussion is therefore still required with the most favorable bidder.

In addition, a cost calculation was made on the basis of the tender result. The calculation has shown that against the cost calculation from the building design of about 180,000 euros total costs of almost 260,000 euros are to be expected. That is almost 80,000 euros more.

After consultation with the bad kissingen water authority, an increase in the demand can be envisaged. The council was annoyed by the short notice given for the draft resolution.

The mayor justified this, however, with the fact that the project must still begin in the current year, in order to exhaust the demand. Mayor egon kloffel was authorized by the municipal council to award the contract to the most economical bidder as soon as an award is possible and the claim is assured by the water management office.

Regulars’ table needs space

The building application for a 15 by 14.50 meter agricultural machine and storage hall was approved by the council. The ridge height of the hall is 6.34 meters.

The council also received a proposal from the "stammtisch fur ortsgeschichte und brauchtum thundorf" in front of. The stammtisch wants a room for the storage of historical documents. The council decided to discuss the possible premises in the attic of the town hall with the council.

After the local audits of the annual accounts for 2016 and 2017 by the municipal audit committee and the clarification of discrepancies, the municipal council adopted the annual accounts in the official meeting and decided on the discharge. The administration had commented on the individual audit findings – there were five in 2016 and nine in 2017. The annual financial statements were approved.

Mayor kloffel also drew attention to an event organized by the "thundorf working group" on 1. October attentive. It concerns the continuation of the integrated rural development concept (ILEK). After the well-received planner-vorort-standings in may followed on 9. July the public kick-off event. The next step is to form issue working groups in all participating communities in the schweinfurt uplands, in which all citizens can participate.

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