History within reach

History within reach

Mirjam stumpf pommersfelden- a classical guided tour of a castle usually does not get by without numbers, facts and the awestruck silence of the viewers. During a newly designed interactive tour of weissenstein castle, visitors can now discover the magnificent building in a different way. "The experience is in the foreground, not the numbers", says antoinette fehlinger, marketing manager at weissenstein castle.

So the tour should "experience with all senses … Change of perspective" address the three sensations of sight, hearing and touch of each one. The perception is thus put in the foreground. Moreover, this form contributes to a deepening understanding, says fehlinger. Some visitors had previously remarked several times that they even had to lie down in order to be able to look more intensively at the magnificent ceiling fresco, which can be seen in the stairwell, she reports.

A sky full of gods

In the entrance hall, several foam mats are already spread out on the floor, inviting visitors to look at the ceiling fresco while lying down. What at first seems unfamiliar quickly turns out to be enjoyable. "What catches your eye?", angela nusser asks in the round. The art historian and pommersfeld native holds regular tours of the baroque castle.

The painting shows the sky. Gods, which are supposed to symbolize the heavenly bodies, cavort there on clouds, strange animals decorate the clouded edges. In the middle the god apollo, behind him single sunbeams "in connection with the columns in the staircase it seems as if the sun shines down to the very bottom", explains the art historian. By lying down the details of the picture can be looked at more attentively, an exchange arises. In addition, nusser distributes information foils.

A mask of shells and coral points directly to the adjacent grotto. The thick walls inside are lavishly decorated with shells, glass and tuff stones. "The grotto lives through the phenomenon of acoustics", says nusser and taps the stone floor with a mallet.

Due to the special construction of the grotto, every noise sounds particularly intense. "Unfortunately I have a very high voice. But the sonorous voices of the manner always sound very strong here", tells nusser.

Other special themed tours are also offered at weissenstein castle. The staircase can be explored, another tour is specially designed for children. Antoinette fehlinger emphasizes the difference between an interactive tour and a regular one: "it should not be a monologue, but a creative dialogue." Visitors should ask the questions that arise from the change of perspective.

The interactive tour lasts a good hour. The exact time depends on how much the visitors themselves participate by asking questions and making suggestions, says nusser.

Suitable for children and adults alike, there is room for about twelve to fifteen people. In the future, the tour will take place on saturdays in the early afternoon and will initially be announced online. The first takes place on 8. June at 14.30 o’clock instead.

Imitation marble

The third part is about the feeling. "Just trace the marble", nusser calls for historic relics to be preserved. What is inconceivable in many drives is put in the center here. The difference between real marble and the optically similar imitation can be felt clearly. This also gives an idea of where the lords of the castle at that time unobtrusively saved money.

At the end of the tour only a few years have fallen, but the visitor still gets a tangible sense of life in the baroque halls at that time.

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