Motorsports club: hope for compromise

Motorsports club: hope for compromise

The motorsport club (MSC) albertshofen has a new and complete board of directors since tuesday evening. After the former chairman andreas rugamer had resigned and the office of treasurer had been vacant for a year, successors were found at the extraordinary general meeting.

In the groblangheim inn "zum hirschen", the previous entertainment director kerstin thomann was unanimously elected as the new chairman, as was the new treasurer gerhard fleischmann. Both were elected at the ADAC local club auber der reihe and are appointed for two years.

"The resignation of andreas rugamer has not made our situation any easier." Stefan zengerling acting chairman

Under the chairmanship of harald walter of ADAC nordbayern, several positions were up for election, as was the deputy chairman of the board. The previous incumbent stefan zengerling did not stand for election, his successor is carlos diaz sanchez and new in office as sports director is stefan thomann. Secretary is benedikt koos, as traffic adviser acts in the future bruno geiling and as assessor for the RC section gerhard fleischmann. The vote for the delegates to the ADAC nordbayern fell on kathrin maske and carlos diaz sanchez.

"The resignation of andreas rugamer has not made our situation any easier," said acting chairman stefan zengerling at the beginning of the meeting, looking back on the first annual general meeting in april, after which the previous chairman rugamer had resigned from his post.

Stefan zengerling explained that the board of directors had applied for extended usage times for the club's own training track for enduro and motocross motorcycles as well as remote-controlled rc model cars at the district administration office, in order to do justice to the fact that the club had already exceeded the approved usage times for several years.

The municipalities of mainstockheim and dettelbach do not agree with this, zengerling continues, and the district administration has an open ear. The northern bavaria highway authority and the environmental protection department at the district office had signaled their approval, the water management office only under certain conditions. A part of the existing track is defined as a flat worth protecting in the flat utilization plan and is therefore not permitted for motor sports.

Further regulations restrict the height, number and direction of the jumps for the landing motorcycles. Member and architect thomas buchholz signaled his willingness to support the club in the event of a building permit being required and also in other matters relating to building law.

Stefan zengerling's conclusion was: in order to have a chance for approval, the new board of directors would have to submit a modified application to the district office, because the size of the track would have to be reduced, parking areas would have to be redesignated, and the hours of use would have to be expanded less. "I believe we will find compromises, but i don't know what they will look like," said zengerling.

Kerstin thomann gave the members hope that perhaps this year, during the summer vacations, the training track, which is currently closed by the motor sports club itself, can be used again. "But only if we all pitch in, there is a lot of work to do now," said thomann. She made it clear that the club must now implement the specifications from the district administration as quickly as possible and invest in order to make sporting operations possible again.

Harald walter, who is responsible for local clubs in the ADAC northern bavaria region, found it positive how the members were committed to their track and showed their willingness at the meeting to pull together from now on. Walter assured the MSC the support with official procedures and the matters of the permissions.

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