Police warn against improper handling of bollards

As the year draws to a close, numerous revelers will once again be burying the new year in a boisterous atmosphere. Unfortunately, not all new year’s eve parties end without consequences when property is damaged or even people are injured due to improper handling of fireworks. When burning fireworks, you should therefore follow a few rules.

So-called small fireworks such as rockets, bollers, air howlers and fountains may only be sold in the period from december 28 to december 31. Until 31. December and sold only to adults. The burning of these small fireworks is only permitted on new year’s eve and new year’s day, but not by minors and not in the immediate vicinity of churches, hospitals, children’s homes and old people’s homes.

Under 18s

Those who are not yet 18 years old must limit themselves to small fireworks such as sparklers, firecrackers and party goods. These items may also be issued to younger persons and may be rounded up throughout the year.

Firecrackers from eastern europe

In particular, the safety risks of fireworks from eastern europe, for example from the czech republic or poland, are misjudged by many buyers. It is not uncommon for the firing of these firecrackers to result in serious injury. The type, quantity and energy of the black powder and the suitability of the tinder often do not comply with german safety regulations. This is why the federal institute for materials testing (BAM) does not usually issue a permit for these illegal firecrackers, as they are literally "fire hazards" are. In upper franconia, federal police and customs officers are keeping a close eye on people who want to import illegal fireworks into the federal republic, especially in areas near the border. While all commercially available pyrotechnic articles in germany bear an approval mark (CE mark), imported new year’s eve firecrackers usually either lack such an approval or the marks are false.

Punishable according to the law on explosives

Whoever imports such fireworks into germany is liable to prosecution under the explosives law. The police therefore pay increased attention to such fireworks from abroad during checks. In recent weeks, state and federal police and customs patrols have pulled hundreds of the highly dangerous fireworks out of circulation.

Fans of pyrotechnics should make sure when buying fireworks that they have the registration number and the CE mark in conjunction with the identification number of the testing agency as well as german instructions for use. These fireworks are tested for safety and therefore do not pose a danger if used properly.

To ensure that everyone enters the new year unscathed, the upper franconian police advise careful handling of fireworks: only use fireworks with a BAM or CE marking. It is imperative that you follow the instructions for use. Keep fireworks safe from children. Do not carry pyrotechnic articles in the pockets of your clothes. Do not push bollards or rockets into crowds of people or onto buildings. If already tindered new year’s eve firecrackers fail, then leave them and tinder the "blindgangers in no case again! Do not build your own fireworks in any case.

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