Singing 200 bambergers for their birthday?

singing 200 bambergers for their birthday?

The challenge for 3. August stands: "bet that bamberg does not manage to bring 200 people to the maxplatz at 2 p.M. Sharp to sing a birthday song to our office with a FT newspaper hat on their heads." For a year now, the historic krackhardt house has been a focal point for all readers, which is now to be celebrated in a fitting manner. The countdown is on – and with the final preparations, the tension is rising: how many bambergers will raise their voices to sing about the FT, but at the same time let the city bet lose??

With "topless
Only a few days left until the birthday party, which promises to be more than a highlight. Above all, "germany's most successful austropop band" gives right at the opening the tone: "topless" play austria five among other classics to send the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions, as jo farmer promises. "By the way, we are the first band that rainhard fendrich allowed to cover 'topless'", says the frontman of the group. As a result, farmer sings from the soul of the people of bamberg in sweltering temperatures with his rhymes: "the heat of the city is brutal in summer, since one is terribly dull, life becomes a torture." Remember? Of course – like many other fans who bob and flick along at concerts of the french austropoppers, when the band also reminds of legends like georg danzer, ludwig hirsch and falco: "artists who left us far too early", says farmer.

The youngest were allowed to perform udo jurgen's catchy tune "i have never been to new york" at the family festival walk in the legs. "The children always dance enthusiastically."

Water balloon games
Until 5 pm runs on 3. August the colorful program, which starts at 11 a.M. With austropop. Toddlers can let off steam on a bouncy castle at the family festival and cool off with water bomb games – as long as petrus lets the sun burn down from the sky as it did last weekend. Children are also involved in the preparations for the city bet: after all, they have to make enough headdresses out of newspapers to get all 200 singers together before 2 p.M.

It is not the first city bet that the french day organizes. But it could be the first to win the medienhaus (as long as we are all deprived of our birthday booth). Only in june, the FT in lichtenfels lost in a sensational action: ten celebrities played air guitar on the stage at the district youth festival, which the newspaper makers did not want to believe at first. In fact, however, so many comrades-in-arms picked up non-existent strings to play "highway to hell" and to play the AC/DC classic for 500 euros in the project coffers of the district youth association – financed by "franken HELFEN franken", the donation organizer of the media group upper franconia. At the beginning of july, after losing a bet, the bayerische rundschau also gave in: for this, 200 people with a newspaper hat on their heads sang the frankenlied in front of the altstadt stage. A mad experience.

300 horns
Back to the bamberger stadtwette, where the audience wins 300 bamberger horns, if the polyphonic concert remains a pipe dream. In this case, 500 euros from "franken HELFEN franken" will also be donated-the local youth fire department was the only one to fall in love with the idea.

The media group's donation association, which was founded in 2009, has already assisted many charitable associations, initiatives and projects. On a whole 90.426 euros is now the amount of funds with which people in emergency situations are assisted or otherwise given new hope. Just think of little sophie, who was born with an open back and can now attend kindergarten in burgkunstadt. The response to appeals for donations was rough, so that the family of the three year old was able to thank "franken HELFEN franken" for their support a special bus in which the severely handicapped girl can now be transported.

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